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Simone Biles creates a custom jersey to support her fiancée

Simone Biles paid tribute to fiancée Jonathan Owens at his latest football game on Oct. 3 in a handcrafted ‘Owens’ jersey. Biles watched from there when the Houston Texans safety joined his team and faced off against the Buffalo Bills on Monday. A bystander in a custom T-shirt with her husband-to-be’s last name written on the back. I wore it when I cheered for Owens from artificial turf in front of a packed crowd.

From the front, Biles’ stylish ragged top that looks like it was stitched together using scraps of various shirt cloth reads “Houston Texans” and Owens’ number 36 is red. , written in white and navy letters. Like a page from a beloved scrapbook, the back of the jersey once again shows the number 36, this time above Owens’ last name. His sleeves also have white strings on either side.

As a finishing touch, red and navy tassels hang from the back of Biles’ shirt down to her knees, a subtle nod to Texas’ classic Western aesthetic. The t-shirt is styled with pointed toe booties, stud earrings and a silver chain-link bracelet.

It’s unclear how long it took to create the custom jersey, but the finished product proves that Biles is Owens’ number one cheerleader and he belongs to her.

See Biles’ tailor’s tribute to her fiancée ahead.

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