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The concept of time has always fascinated me. That is why every moment of our life has meaning. If we all lived forever, it wouldn’t matter how we spent our time. Fine watchmaking is the art of dealing with time measurement and that has always fascinated me and looking at my wrist always reminds me that I shouldn’t waste time…a lot of course alongside the luxurious aesthetics of luxury watches.

In today’s post, we are happy to partner with eBay. You may not have thought of eBay when thinking about getting a luxury watch, but that’s about to change. eBay happens to be one of the world’s largest luxury watch markets, with a watch sold every five seconds of his. This includes not only new watches, but also one-of-a-kind rare vintage watch deals. From Rolex to Patek and everything in between.

I headed over to eBay and started browsing luxury watchesI have been looking for a classic moonphase piece to add to my collection for some time. With an open mind, I stumbled upon it after scrolling for about five minutes. 42mm Longines Master Collection L2.673.4.78.3 It costs just under $2,500 and sells for over $3,300 on the brand’s website. Silver case, chronograph, off-white dial with moonphase, dark brown leather strap. bingo. I fell in love at first sight and decided to pull the trigger. The watch arrived shortly thereafter in mint condition and I fell in love with it again.

What will you do with your new watch? You obviously pop it right away, put on a dope outfit that perfectly complements your aesthetic (if I say so), and go out for a photo shoot. Okay, this might not apply in general, but it’s definitely what I did. Two Eton shirts, a white and beige dress shirt, a dark olive overshirt, and an H&M shirt. A pair of dark tan chinos and finally a pair of espresso suede split toe boots from my own collection create a chic earth. Coordinating tones that are perfect for the fall transition.

I would like to add Vacheron Constantin to my collection. probably vintageand now I check eBay every week to see if I can find the perfect one. I encourage you to try it for yourself. I have included the 16,000+ other watches I had my eye on in the sldier below. Happy Watch Shopping 🙂

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