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Shades of Brown | Everyday Kendy

Remember when you found these items at Walmart? Well, this tank was part of that haul too. Originally, he wore denim to match his skirt. (This is it!) But I ended up trying this skirt on and fell in love with the different shades of brown. Not all browns can be a perfect match or complement, as each neutral has its own personality. This tank is under $30 at Walmart It’s the perfect layer for fall.

Buy my tank!

Of course, I wanted to match this skirt with this sweater, and it’s been hot this week. But unfortunately it’s too hot. When Gemma asked when it would be fall, B replied, “Officially he’s in two days…but not in Texas.” A true word has never been spoken. This skirt is gorgeous and One of J.Crew’s favorites. (I also have it in olive/sage!) I’m planning my next capsule.

Click here for the J.Crew skirt!

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