Say goodbye to spam comments on Instagram in a few steps

Did you know that everyone suffers from the spam comment disease at some point in their lives? Yes, as long as you have a public Instagram account, chances are you have spam comments infected with the flu. Please let us know if you have any of the following symptoms:

“Love your post! Want to get more followers?|Check out our bio link!|”

or something along the lines of

“????????❤️ ? ? ? ? ? ?”

“Do you want to make money as an Instagram influencer? Follow me for more!

If the answer is yes and you’re receiving similar comments, you’re infected with spammers! Ohno! This can also be especially annoying for your followers. Spammers tend to track other accounts through the last-visited profile. If you’re trying to get a real audience, you might get some backlash from your followers. If Instagram spammers are the main source of comments, the statistics will also be inaccurate.

Disease-related jokes aside, spammers are a nuisance, but there are ways to get rid of annoying comments. The articles below explain how to automatically block spam comments, hide inappropriate comments, where these spammers come from and why they might be targeted. increase.

Smartphone with Instagram app on home screen

Spamming is almost never done by a real person. Instagram bots are often the ones behind irritating comments. They use fake accounts to distribute spam.

You’re probably wondering, why me? Why was I targeted to receive spam comments on Instagram?

You think you’re using hashtags under your posts to get a wider reach on your account, right? Let’s say you used one of the most popular hashtags. #ootdSpammers looking to boost clothing sales can instantly see that you’re interested in fashion.

How do spammers benefit from comments? Spammers usually want you to verify your profile from the comments you leave. If you’re an influencer or just love shopping for clothes, you can stumble upon their fashion account and browse high-quality photos of shoes and other clothing.

Some may even follow back. The spam bot’s evil plans are accomplished. Now they can start selling you their products and even spam you.

You’re probably thinking that if I quit the hashtag craze, they’d leave me behind.

For example, you may be a big fan of someone like Selena Gomez. You can comment below one of her makeup-related posts and tell her how much you appreciate the products and things like that. Spammers can target you. Knowing that you appreciate cosmetics and beauty products, they start spamming you on this topic.

The truth is, fake accounts are infuriating. Thankfully, there are ways to stop spam comments on Instagram. That’s exactly what I want to tell you. But before that, let me briefly explain why there are so many spammers on Instagram.

Why are there so many spammers on Instagram?

Identifying spam accounts on Instagram can be a daunting task. Most bots are not detected by the app as they are programmed to keep comments and likes active. This application rarely actively tracks or blocks spammers. In general, Instagram will only remove accounts if they have been inactive for a period of time or if they have been reported or blocked by a large number of users. You can keep bots off your radar by actively spamming in the comments section.

Our online activity is stored and monitored by many websites and search engines. Think about how many cookie permission requests you receive in a day. Yes, cookies help websites to provide better and more accurate suggestions. But it’s also the same information that bots use to find their next spam victim. With so many spammers and little done to get rid of them, it’s no surprise that Instagram is their playing field.

Now that you understand the inner workings of spam bots, let’s find out how to reduce these spam comments. There are many tools that can help you stop receiving spam DMs and spam comments on your Instagram posts, but the most effective way is to combine several methods. First, let’s look at how to manually minimize comments, then look at different tools.

Method 1 – Switch Profile Settings

step 1: Go to your profile. Press the Settings button (the button with three dots).

Instagram "setting" screen

Step 2: Scroll down to find “Privacy”.

Instagram "Privacy settings" screen

step 3: Find and press “Comment”.

Instagram "Allow comments from" screen

step 4:[コメントを許可する]Go to[フォローしているユーザー]to turn on.

step 5: Return to “Comment Control”.

step 6: to block comments from a specific account,[コメントをブロック]Press

Instagram "blocked commenter" screen

Step 7: Enter the name of the account you want to block.

This reduces spam activity on your profile by at least 70%. Here’s another method you can use: This also helps other users get rid of spammers.

Method 2 – Block spammers

step 1: Go to the bot’s Instagram profile.

Step 2: Press 3 dots.

Step 3: push the block. Alternatively, you can report it and then block it instead.

Step 4: When you hit block, you will be asked “why are you reporting the account?” Select the “This is spam” option.

Method 3 – Turn off follow suggestions

step 1: Go to your profile settings.

Instagram "Profile settings" screen

Step 2:[ユーザーがフォローする可能性のある類似のアカウントを推奨する場合は、自分のアカウントを含める]Check the box next to

This prevents Instagram from suggesting your account to spammers.

Method 4 – Switch to Private Account

step 1: Go to your profile settings.

Step 2: Go to Account Privacy.

Step 3: Press the box to tick “Private Account”

Having a private account means you can control your entire list of followers and decide which followers you want to say goodbye to forever. If you delete them, they will have to request to follow you, which you can simply decline. Reduce the number and prevent bot comments from creeping into your account.

Method 5 – Get an anti-spam app

If you don’t want to switch to a private account, an anti-spam app can help. Besides saving you time, you’ll want protection from spam messages and comments.

great app is spam guard, you can identify spam comments and get rid of them with one click. Many anti-spam apps can help you solve bot problems.

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Having trouble with spam on Instagram? Whether you want to remove all followers on Instagram or deal with spam photos on Instagram, we will help you achieve it through our ultimate guide! Spam forever! Hundreds of hours of research to say goodbye to

Do you have any tips for dealing with spammers? Let us know in the comments section below!