Samuel Larsen — Men’s Fashion Post

Samuel Larsen rose to fame as Joe Hart on Fox’s Glee in 2012, and the California native has since gone on to become more successful on the national stage as a singer, songwriter, and actor. Born to a Mexican mother and Danish father, the 27-year-old is a born performer and credits both his creativity and tenacity to his complex heritage. Exposure to such a wide range of cultures seems to have nurtured Larsen’s creative side.

Since her debut on Glee, Larsen has had supporting roles in several hit films, including Jennifer Aniston’s romantic comedy The Breakup Girl and horror films like The Remains and Recovery. I was. Most recently, he played Zed Evans in the romantic drama After, based on the novel of the same name. The actor is set to reprise his role in the upcoming sequel.

Widely known for his ability to both sing and act, the young star says his artistic nature draws him to both music and acting, and he enjoys blending the two sides of his creativity. increase. Larsen started playing drums at an early age. Today, he’s the lead vocalist of his LA-based band NEXT City and has just released his first two singles this year, “Blue City” and “Tell Me.” Garage rock, fusing his style of funk with his dance beats, his band achieved the goal of his Kickstarter campaign to fund his debut album.

Larsen’s success on the big screen has earned him a worldwide fan base, and fans are still discovering the depth of his musical talents through NEXT City. We recently spoke with him about his passion for music, his latest role as Zed Evans, and what lies ahead for this versatile sensation.