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RUNWAY EDIT – 5 must-haves for Melbourne Fashion Week — Trendii

After earning the title of the world’s most locked down city, Melbourne is back in action with a vengeance! There’s no better way to get into post-lockdown life than at Melbourne Fashion Week. It was great to see a city and many venues that had stood in the dark for so long, bustling with people and excitement.

After covering nearly every show across the festival, I’ve put together a runway compilation featuring my top five must-haves, according to Melbourne Fashion Week. Although it featured designers, there were some threads common to all the shows that inspired this edit.

Top 5 must-haves, featuring looks straight from the Melbourne runway. Plus one bonus should have something more adventurous.

Something Blue

It’s actually a very special powder blue. Royal blue was also featured a lot, but this powder blue was seen on nearly every runway and in various designer collections. My personal favorite is her wrap of Asiyam, a Melbourne-based designer who creates a minimalist and modern taste with Arabic aesthetics, and her coat, which won the National Indigenous Fashion Award in 2020. Her blue linen suit from Maara Collective, an Australian resort brand.

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