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Rowan essentials – Final designer name for the trinity of NEST Helsinki stores. Just like Nest Factory and LuluRox jewelry, we proudly present everything you need for first-time moms, or just moms who have little ones and want to use the best materials for their child’s skin.

behind Rowan Essentials Here’s another super sweet lady called Eva. She’s a hands-on mom, but she’s also a graphic designer. After becoming a mother, she began making her own crib bedding. She also noticed a lack of soft, good-quality fabrics that are neutral and gentle on a newborn’s skin.

Soon, she began designing other items she wanted her children to have, and now you can find clothes, fabrics, and baby carriers as part of her collection. leads the idea of ​​wanting to design something quirky rather than whimsical prints. Of course, she never compromises on the quality and softness of her materials.She designs her bed linen to be reversible, so she has two different patterns, one on each side.

When it comes to swaddles (baby carriers), she uses a soft color palette and loves to use a lighter color palette for older children. You can choose gold or silver hardware details. Eva decided to start expanding her brand by starting designing for older kids from toddlers to her teens.

Rowan Essentials offers 8 different sizes for bedding and will soon be available as a set as well. All products are manufactured in India and are 100% ecological.

Eva loves interacting with customers at NEST Helsinki, always explaining how her designs are versatile and easy to adapt to their needs and tastes. 🙂

When you meet Eva, you’ll feel like you’ve soaked up the sunshine and great vibes, so don’t be shy and say hello to her!

*This text was written in collaboration with NEST Helsinki and Rowan Essentials, but all opinions are my own.

*I am in charge of the text and photos.

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