Reviewed: Lawless Blow Products | Who Wears What

Want to talk about eyebrows? Because I want to talk about eyebrows. I have an interesting history, I didn’t think much of them until I realized how unruly they were about eight years ago. I waxed and colored it. (The idea of ​​going a full 24 years without even touching them makes me sick, but that’s another story.) I’d say the rest is history. Become. I laminate every two months, so I’m constantly cycling through the products, looking for products that are particularly good at improving the color and shape of my brows between sessions. And as always, when the unexpected happens, I cross paths with something so special and ditch all other brow products.

I am officially in a committed relationship with an outlaw blow duo ($32). Let’s start with a pencil. A pencil adds perfect definition. The oval shape makes it very easy to fill sparse areas without being very precise. And when it comes to brow waxes (who doesn’t like brow waxes?), the creamy formula delivers fuller brows. This is what really matters. Even my colleagues think it’s a remarkable power duo. Keep scrolling for everyone’s take.