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*This post was made in collaboration short story.

there is a new petite clothes subscription box In a city specially curated for petite women! If you’re petite and have tried clothing subscription services, you may have run into the problem of a real lack of size options. I briefly worked as a stylist at , where I saw firsthand how clients’ actual petite sizes were lacking, even though they touted them. It’s very frustrating to see so many dissatisfied clients ask for an extra petite dress and only receive one or none at all because the stock is completely out of stock. It was frustrating.

so when petit subscription box, Short Story, reached out and was excited to see someone step up to serve this market! Below is my experience using the service. If you want to try it yourself, This referral link waives the initial $25 styling fee.

Not sure if this service is right for you? You may find this petite clothes Visually helpful.


How the short story box works:

  • Handling size: 00P to 18P
  • Styling fee: $25. This applies to any item you decide to keep.
  • Returns: 5 days to try on and judge.With prepaid return envelope
  • US only at this time

After signing up, you will be directed to take a style quiz. It describes your budget, size, fit, and style preferences. In addition to asking questions about height and what size you normally wear, dial in your personal style further by noting typical fit issues, general style and color preferences, and even items you don’t want to receive. There is also a notes section where you can leave more detailed information. Our petite stylists use these answers to pick the perfect item for you.

I admit to being a picky customer, so I was very curious as to what my stylist would choose for me. kept very neutral.

box arrival

The product comes in a branded soft pink medium-sized box. / may need to be redirected to a family address). Inside, clothing was neatly folded, stacked, and wrapped in tissue. The insert includes a note from the stylist, a list of box contents, and an itemized price list. A large prepaid envelope is included for returns.


Try-on review

First, a little about me:

I’m 4’11” tall, short waisted (long legs, short torso), narrow top, curvy bottom. I usually wear a xxs/00 on top and somewhere between a size 24/25/0 on the bottom. Being very short and having a short torso means petite size always fits me better When it comes to the neckline, length, rise, armholes, sleeves, hem, etc., you really want those short proportions.By embracing styling tricks and oversized fits, you’ll be able to cut the length of your regular clothes. Size often does the trick, but when it comes down to it, I can find items in petite sizes that I love.

So let’s see what the petite stylists have picked.


  • 24/7 Knot Front T-Shirt – Petite XS
  • Kyle High Rise Slim Fit Ankle Skinny – Petite Size 0P

Both of these first two items are petite in size and are definitely my style wheelhouse. High-rise gray washed distressed skinnies are always a welcome addition to my wardrobe, and knotted drop-shoulder striped tees are a fun mix of classic and edgy. Note the perfect petite proportions: the cropped tee ends at the waist and the high rise is proportionate to my frame. Just look at the perfect ankle length in these petite jeans.


  • Break Fit Cardigan – Petite XSP (fits like XXSP)
  • Kyle High Rise Slim Fit Ankle Skinny – Petite Size 0P

Same petite jeans, but now let’s take a look at this cardigan. Also, at a petite size, this fitted cardigan conforms to my figure and hits the perfect spot on my wrist. To pair it with nice bottoms, you’ll want something a little more fitted and shorter. There, it was much better paired with wide-leg pants than the oversized fit currently in the closet.


  • Colette Contour Bodysuit – Petite XXSP
  • Kyle High Rise Slim Fit Ankle Skinny – Petite Size 0P

Ok, this bodysuit is something I’ve been really wanting to try. I noted in the “about me” above that not only am I pretty short, but I also have a short torso. Even the petite proportions of the top mean it can end up being a bit long for me, making things like one-piece swimsuits and bodysuits very difficult to find. Not only does it fit well, but the thick fabric allows you to wear it without a bra. Excited about this gem! I won’t show you the whole bodysuit because I’m not going to put pictures like mine on the internet, but as you can see it fits smoothly (bodysuit is too long for me and it bunches up) .


  • Colette Contour Bodysuit – Petite XXSP
  • Porto Stripe Ponte Pants – Petite Size 0P

Pants are always hard to find, so I wanted my stylist to try them on.This petite pair has a little stretch and a nice rise. If you keep it, it will be hemmed.


  • Texture & Thread Front Knot Jacquard Top – Not Petite XXS
  • Porto Stripe Ponte Pants – Petite Size 0P

Here is a single item sent to me No Petite size. The moment I tried this top on, I could immediately feel the difference in the fit.The sleeves and length could both be a little short, but let’s be real… I wear way The proportions are more oversized than regular, so I think it’s a perfect item for petite people.

final thoughts

My main concern with the short story subscription box was the number. actual A small item of clothing they can send me. After all, 5 of the 6 pieces sent to me were the actual petite size, evident by the good fit and proportions. I ended up feeling a little ‘off’, especially after trying on a lot of well-proportioned items last minute, but it’s still considered suitable for a very petite person in my book.

From my personal experience, Short Story is actual It’s a petite-sized item than what we’ve seen on similar services, and if you’re really petite and enjoy the personal styling ideas of a subscription box, it’s worth a try. This link will waive the initial styling fee.

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