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best jeans on shopbop sale

Happy Tuesday, friends! The style event at Shopbop has begun. It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up premium denim on sale. We’ve created a page with all of the Shopbop sale featured items, but the focus of this post is the best jeans on Shopbop sale.

Are loafers the style for fall 2022?

With the summer-to-fall transition in full swing, which shoes are trending and are loafers still in fashion for Fall 2022? I just added some gorgeous new loafers to my fall shoe wardrobe, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share them with you and answer this question as well!

Fall Color Crush: Polar Night

It’s time for another fall color crash. Today, I’m obsessed with the space-inspired shade of blue Polar Nights, his one of Pantone’s Core Classics that’s versatile and goes with almost anything.

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