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Pregnant Style – Fall Fashion


Wrap your bumps in fall fashion colors and ultra-soft, comfortable knitwear.

pregnancy style? ! I had to type it in a few times to really seep in. Dressing can be challenging these days, but I love fashion challenges. If you look at my old posts, I don’t wear pants much. There’s no subtle way to say it… The reason I don’t like pants is because they rub against my crotch and pelvic area.With my bladder problems, constant urinary tract infections, and pelvic pain, I don’t like anything putting pressure on it. For real I hate pants! My ultimate love default – the sweater dress is my go-to for comfort. Pre-pregnancy and now during pregnancy.

I’m going to be wearing a lot more sweater dresses, so I’m always looking for creative ways to style them rather than cut-and-paste situations.this cardigan sweater (Worn as a sweater dress) is not only comfy, it’s also super chic (and under $35!). Love the drop shoulders and balloon sleeves! Following the autumn color story, lap belt When brown tall bootsThese boots are really comfortable! It has a memory foam insole and is very comfortable to walk in (I never knew how important this was!).

The good thing about this dress is that you can wear it even during pregnancy. When after that. Oh I really enjoy these moments! Like I said before, I don’t think I’ll get this opportunity again, so I’m embracing the bumps I can. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

– Outfit –

Sweater | scoop cardigan sweater (under $35, worn as a sweater dress)
Tops & Shorts | sophia jeans knit top & scoop knit shorts (worn under sweater dress)
belt | old, similar loft brown lap belt
Bag | scoop bag with chain (under $30, excellent quality and value)
Boots | scoop brown tall boots (under $50, super comfortable)

thank you for reading!

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