Phyna, Bella and Sheggz have a dirty fight over food (VIDEO)

Brother Naija’s housemates Bella, Fina and Sheggs had a heated argument over food on Tuesday.

The Shout match broke out after Phyna, the head of the house, after the HOH called a general meeting to discuss the weekly wagering task.

While the meeting was underway, Bella brought up the issue of food, and Fina replied that there should be no other discussion at the meeting other than the betting task.

However, Bella replied that no one, not even the HoH, could tell her what to talk about at home.

she said, “HoH my feet”. This upset Fina and called her ‘fool‘.

The two housemates took nasty swipes in different backgrounds and hurled hurtful words at each other.

Things escalated between the two as Sheggz stepped in to protect his girlfriend who didn’t fit in well with Phyna’s love interest Groovy.

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While the altercation continued, the other housemates got together to work things out so they could focus on their betting work.


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