Parker Gregory’s From Texas to California — MEN’S FASHION POST

Do you have any strategies for running a social media platform?

No. Post only when you feel like it. If you have a running business page, run that image and it doesn’t matter if that image changes over time.

What is your exercise routine/type and what foods do you eat to stay healthy?

My main focus now is triathlon. Traveling is hard, so I do what I can on the go. When I’m at home, I go to the pool as much as possible. Then alternate between biking and running. Stretch and recover! Luckily my wife is a chiropractor. wonderful! And of course my recovery maintenance. Stretching, foam rolls, yoga (I’m not good at it, but I’m doing it).
Now for food. Healthy eating doesn’t mean boring. Food is fuel. If you fill up with crappy fuel, it runs like crazy. Read on and ask people questions. Erin and I make most of the meals. I try to keep things simple, delicious and nutritious.

what’s next for you Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Stay alive and hopefully make a long-term fragrance and beauty deal.
I would like to host a show. I love talking to people and having a good time.

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