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Bright red anthurium takes center stage at Loewe

Image credit Paris Fashion Week and Vogue

The exhilarating fashion marathon of Paris Fashion Week continues to deliver awe-inspiring thrills. High fashion supreme priests like American stalwart Rick Owens, hometown French brand Isabel Marant, Spanish brand Loewe, and Japanese heavyweights Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto are among those 2023. We gave our spring/summer collection everything. Exceptional and unique products that each do their best: silhouettes, shapes and textures that we have come to expect, expect and adore. There are also some surprises such as fresh color combinations, fresh interpretations of classic pumps and many textile innovations. Whether you’re into forward-thinking fantasy, flashy design, the art of impeccable tailoring, or color therapy, these collections are not only first-class feasts for the eyes, but they also give us a lot of thought. gives you food.

But let’s get down to business! Let’s take a closer look at the amazing pieces that have been showcased at Paris Fashion Week so far.

Fancy flight!at Rick Owens

Rick Owens

Against the backdrop of smoke (Owens’ favorite trademark prop) and misty spray from a fountain in the middle of a swimming pool lined with ancient marble reliefs at the Palais de Tokyo, Rick Owens’ muse is incredible I bravely traversed the marble steps in moderately tall shoes. A sight of another world, a mysterious parallel world. And things got even more magical when the age-defying, statuesque Cher also showed up for a look! Very, well, made to be a “must-have” and, believe it or not, very wearable. I loved the meandering dresses, the mantelpieces and capes, the gritty bomber jackets, the voluminous tulle gowns and the massive platforms. This collection is extraordinary. Lacquered denim and glycerin-treated cowhide give it a nice sheen (“like wearing a jellied fruit roll-up of him,” according to the show notes), giving the collection a new twist. now.

Check out Rick Owens’ 2023 show here.

Layers of Bordeaux red tulle – Rick Owens

Sculpture in leather and fur – Rick Owens

Sculpted metallic leather dress, silver bracelets and bright yellow boots – Rick Owens

Light yellow mesh looks like air – by Rick Owens

It’s All about Shoulders – by Rick Owens

Rick Owens Tulle “Feather”

Metallic Futuristic Platform Tactile Tunic – Rick Owens

Space age shoulders, yellow pythons, pink satin – Heaven! by Rick Owens

Organic and statuesque – Rick Owens

Leather cloak – Rick Owens

The scarab-inspired metallics of this draped dress are paired with bold silver cuffs – Rick Owens

Rick Owens Treatment for Classic Drape and Shape – At Rick Owens

Dramatic Hooded Cloak – Rick Owens

Future-defying shoes – Rick Owens


It’s hard to find a fingerprint as identifiable and instantly recognizable as Yohji Yamamoto’s. Yet another distinctive, intentionally slow-paced show, from the music choices on the runway (he sings a few songs in Japanese) to every detail of the look, the style and Down to the way it’s put together, this is unmistakably the work of perfectionist master Yohji Yamamoto. You can literally imagine the genius designer tucking curls behind a model’s ears and doing ‘just so’ before sending her off to the runway! It seems like an homage to many of the finer and broader brush details that have been associated with this great figure over the past 40 years, including the signature peplum and Japanese origami inspiration. , the sparing use of color against a predominantly monochromatic palette, the perfectly balanced asymmetry, the spirit of deconstructivism, the tactile lace and cutouts, the deliberate raw edges… this is Yohji Yamamoto perfectly It’s in control. It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s an awe-inspiring honor to witness the work of a genius.

You can watch the Yohji Yamamoto Spring/Summer 2023 show here.

Spiky Arm Decoration – Yohji Yamamoto

Cutouts, straps, flares, drapes – Yohji Yamamoto

Raw Edge – Yohji Yamamoto

Avant-garde perfection – Yohji Yamamoto

Symphony of Black and White – Yohji Yamamoto

Touch of Color – Yohji Yamamoto

Cutout, Origami, Sculpture – Yohji Yamamoto

Striking Cutout Corset – Yohji Yamamoto

Isabel Marant

The ultimate queen of carefree bohemian chic, cool exotic 90s fashion, the perfect bomber jacket and boiler suit, and the sexy peasant blouse is back. It’s a fun collection, filled with the promise of chilled summer days at the beach, breezy evenings at rooftop bars, and weekend road trips in the surfmobile. Maran has always perfectly captured the mood of the moment…and the Maran feminine spirit (The list of celebrities who love only this brand is endless. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Taylor Swift , Rihanna, Karlie Kloss, etc..) Feeling equally comfortable at the office in a crocheted blouse and mini skirt from Marant at the boardroom table is a great way to spend hours at work. Just like her after she ditched her high heels and decanted into cargo pants and strappy tops. It showcased many variations, including dresses, oversized combat pants (Maran wore one of these in the show), and strappy safari vests. A boiler suit, a bomber her jacket, and a stunningly sexy white crochet one-piece swimsuit. Suede jackets, sequined and metallic swish dresses, lace, gauzy knits, silk chiffon, patchwork and macramé all competed in a show that sent us flying into the joys of spring and summer.

Check out Isabel Marant’s Spring/Summer 2023 show here. loifrg

Very Sexy Crochet Swimsuit – Isabel Marant

Metallic beads and shoulder ruffles – Isabel Marant

Queen of bohemian chic!with Isabel Marant

Loose cotton knit and camo pants – Isabel Marant

Art Nouveau inspiration – Isabel Marant

The magic of macrame by Isabel Marant

Sexy and fashionable antique silver frock – Isabel Marant

Signature Marant Leather Pants – Isabel Marant


August 2022 is a sad day for the global fashion world. An incomparable designer has passed away, and Creative Director Satoshi Kondo leads his team at Design, continuing the spirit of the great Miyake, who saw design as “something that evokes wonder and joy.” in people. Miyake’s trademark sculptural works were all amazing, including knits and weaves with pleats and asymmetry and often very feminine silhouettes.The color combinations/blocks were inspired and fresh. In, especially emerald green and black, red and camel/turquoise, yellow and slate gray ensembles.Naturals and nudes are featured in collections that are not only super fun, but also very wearable and contemporary. Satoshi Kondo and the design team are proud of the master of pleats, Issey Miyake. This is a collection that allows you to dance and jump with joy, just as the great man intended.

Check out the Issey Miyake Spring/Summer 2023 show here.

Nude pleats – ISSEY MIYAKE

Striking knitted ensemble in emerald green and black – Issey Miyake

Red and Camel Shapely Sculpture – Issey Miyake

Black and Cream Tubular Magic – Issey Miyake

Inspired Color Combinations – Issey Miyake

Excellent compatibility of sunshine yellow and gray – ISSEY MIYAKE

Sculpture and the Contemporary – Issey Miyake


Since JW Anderson bought Spanish design house Loewe in 2013, he’s turned the brand into a wildly successful modern powerhouse with compelling essentials season after season. A designer who likes to push the boundaries, his Spring/Summer 2023 collection seems to be inspired by the exotic and poisonous qualities of the anthurium flower and his 3D shapes that are reminiscent of sexual forms. Sculptural, charming and dangerous, Anderson chose to give us much food for thought by placing this controversial and ambiguous motif center stage. Many idiosyncratic pieces, such as black and red flared skirts, were juxtaposed and shown as accompaniment to oversized flowers. A romantic gown with elegant ribbons and drapes is part of the collection and makes a very striking statement. ensemble? (Note the quirky, oversized “Minnie Mouse” pumps!)

Watch the Loewe SS 2023 show here.

A red anthurium perfectly complements a little black skirt – Loewe

Sculptural and cool!Shiny red pumps are especially striking – at Loewe

Graphic Magic – Loewe

Stunning lavender gown and bright red shoes – Loewe

Gravity defying design – LOEWE

Green anthurium and classic black pants – LOEWE

A very striking white and black gown – Loewe

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