Legendary model Kristen McMenamy walks for Balmain

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Paris Fashion Week is undoubtedly the juiciest cherry at the top of the global fashion gateau, with 106 national and international heavyweights (such as UK-based Victoria Beckham, Australia’s Zimmerman, and America’s Rick Owens) and It opened full throttle with some extraordinary people. The emerging brand struts its stuff over his nine tightly packed days in the City of Light. Encouragingly, Asian buyers are also back in Paris for the first time since covid-19 (sigh of relief) … fashion is back to ‘normal’ (whew)!

The parallel celebrity sideshow has us shaking our jaws, too. Ethereal beauty Natalie Portman, model Elle Macpherson, starlet Iris Lowe and more have spotted Dior’s front row in age-defying black leggings and leotards. Cher, 76, walking at the end of Balmain’s show, and Kate, a micro-mini version of fur-clad glam puss posing with her pout all over town, Moss her. do you get a photo? From the end of September to the beginning of her October, it was a blast in Paris. It’s something we know and love, and it seems to be not only totally on track, but getting even better!

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Kate Moss stole the show at Saint Laurent

Trends emerge as the week progresses, but you’ve already discovered the quintessential Paris Fashion Week hallmarks: chic and classic, ultra-modern, sophisticated streamlining, futuristic and avant-garde, and of course party-ready. The well-behaved classy color black trend seen in Milan spilled over to Paris, where most of Dries Van Noten’s collection was in featureless black. paid tribute to French royalty with corsets and magnificent gowns, while Saint Laurent reinvented the hoodie dress, showing off flesh-baring cutouts and coat power shoulders.Balmain is an otherworldly avant-garde creation. I was overwhelmed by the huge collection (more than 100 items) of. Awe-inspiring!

When it comes to sustainability, I believe the designers are fully aware of the carbon footprint of the amazing and staggering displays of luxury and opulence that we marvel at… all this at Paris Fashion Week. Be part of the glamorous celebration that is. Let’s get to the heart of the matter and take a closer look at what all the great fuss is about…

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Unparalleled Cher and Creative Director Oliver Rousteing at Balmain SS 2023

saint laurent

Strong, long, toned lines, powerful shoulders, cut-outs, tubular dresses and sophisticated jersey hoodies – incredibly statuesque models from Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection by Creative Director Anthony Vaccarello. defined. Vaccarello played hide-and-seek with bodies, sometimes revealing, sometimes hiding, always surprising. Drape his jerseys were the backbone of the collection, captivated by its simplicity, inspirational color choices and a touch of retro power his dressing principles. The shoulders of jackets, coats and trenches, often finished with epaulettes, were sharper than their 80s counterparts, but did not compromise on size. Loose pajama-style pants, gauze tulle his wrap skirts, and even flurry polka his mix of dots and flashy glitter leopard his prints. Bold gold cuffs and his edgy ’80s-style earrings complete the effortlessly sophisticated look, paired with skinny strappy sandals. A collection for strong women, a full stop.

Discover the Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2023 collection here:

Sophisticated and statuesque – at Saint Laurent

Parka dress under 80s power shoulder coat – Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent’s Divine Peanut Butter Shade Trench

Bold jewelery and polo neck – Saint Laurent

Fluffy polka dots look modern – Saint Laurent

Metallic leopard print and bold wooden cuffs – Saint Laurent

hide-and-seek! Transparent Tulle Wrap Skirt Under Oxblood Shade Coat – Saint Laurent

Olive shade hoodie dress with cutouts and drape – Saint Laurent

Sophisticated statuesque dress in this black jersey dress – Saint Laurent


Gabriela Hearst showcased a well-behaved collection of (mostly) monotone blacks, creams, whites and silvers (no flimsy floral prints this season!), brightened up with occasional pops of bright Cerise and yellow ocher. We were interrupted by a poppy tune. Sculptural leg-o-mutton sleeve dresses rubbed shoulders with graphic metallic mesh dresses and some very tight-cut simple sleeveless dresses. Continuing the leather inlay trend from the previous season, the dress was embellished with oval patchwork inserts for an organic look. There were lots of leather hand-piped leather jackets, piping capes, and zippered biker jackets. Denim also made a cameo appearance, as did the sequins, the latter wearing a sexy, sexy bodycon dress. A tactile and crafted collection that is contemporary, sexy, glamorous and perfectly balanced. Come spring/summer, whatever the fashion doctor ordered to take you anywhere.

See Chloé’s Spring/Summer 2023 Show here:

Leg omutton sleeves on this leather dress – Chloé

Foil mesh dress – Chloe

Patchwork insert – Chloe

Meticulous stitching details – Chloe

Ocher leather dress with sleeve detail – Chloe

Feminine and frilly flared sleeves – Chloe

Denim with studs and eyelets – Chloe

Biker jacket and striped holdall – Chloe

Exaggerated leather hand-stitched coat – Chloe

doris van nuts

A symphony in three movements, the undisputed king of colors, he launched a collection about “optimism” in his own words. First of all, this runway show is the first time in less than three years that Van Noten has opted for a physical show. Not very characteristic of Van Noten, who is famous for his use of color, his first third of his collection was black. This, strangely enough, has led to an even more acute appreciation of the fabric surfaces, silhouettes, and details of these genius creations. In the second installment, we brought you pale springtime colors, wrinkled fabrics, adorable ruffles, and clever macrame. The third and final product is an encore of a collection that slowly builds momentum from pure black, through fleeting fades, to a pure rich climax, a rich, psychedelic, vibrant palette of rich hues. Floral appeared in his chiffon and cotton forms. , Pure Spring Joy and Cheers!

Black was the star of the first part of the show – on Dries Van Noten

Tactile macrame over faded shades of pink and green – Dries Van Noten

Tactile embellishments and fabric shoes – Dries Van Noten

Layering, macrame and glamor heels – Dries Van Noten

A Symphony of Flowers and Luxurious Frills – Dries Van Noten

Flowers, flowers, flowers!at Dries Van Noten

Bold blue floral print blazer over flimsy trousers – Dries Van Noten

Frilled shoes – Dries Van Noten

Asymmetrical one-shoulder dress with ruffled sleeves – Dries Van Noten

christian dior

Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri paid tribute to the past, especially that of Queen Catherine de Medici. De Medici was an Italian aristocrat who ended up in France (and like De Medici, Chiuri is Italian but lives in France). Corsets, hoop skirts, Italian ribbons and laces, ruffles and platforms and her heels (Catherine de Medici is said to have introduced them all to the French court) are all part of this collection’s rich vocabulary. . But Chiuri’s (re)creations – bra tops, jackets, trench coats, skirts, midriff-baring tops, shorts, gorgeous floral cotton party frocks, patchwork, Brodley Anglaise, map prints and more. are not as restrictive or modest as those. would have been at 16th century! In fact, while it has a nostalgic atmosphere, it is endlessly modern and even sexy. With a little imagination, you can imagine the liberated Madonna or the quirky Florence and the Machine performing on stage in these productions.

Discover the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2023 show here.

Ruching and boning – at Christian Dior

Mary Jane Meets Gladiator Sandals – Christian Dior

shapely cocktail dress – christian dior

Sexy hoop skirt!at christian dior

Exotic floral and lace socks – Christian Dior

Edwardian lace over micro shorts – Christian Dior

Guipure lace dress with particularly nice straps – Christian Dior


Oliver Rousteing’s grandiose and ambitious collection of over 100 exquisitely designed avant-garde sculptural couture pieces, from futurism to dystopia, theater to renaissance, bodycon to gargantuan, is very impressive to say the least. target. It was just as memorable as the moment when 76-year-old Cher put her legs together in an all-black ensemble and walked beside the designer to close out the collection. Every few seconds we stopped on the runway and hugged to the loud cheers from the crowd. For Spring/Summer 2023, it seems his process has taken place at his Balmain Maison. DESIGNER, PATTERN He can only imagine the army of cutters, fitters, models, seamstresses and hand finishers involved in creating this magnificent piece. Luxurious collection of works. Each piece is an inspired piece in its own right, and the collection itself has a range of themes, each equally inspired and evolving. From soft floral prints to patchwork, from Renaissance art to sheer jersey, from tactile flowers to ruffles, from satin to raw his edges, from surface-printed flames to his 3D sculptures, this is in the box. It’s just too diverse a collection to include. I saw it, so here I go…

Discover Balmain’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection here:

watch cher walk Balmain SS 2023:

Sculptural and futuristic – Balmain

Buttercup Yellow Sculpture – Balmain

Artwork – Balmain

Painterly Textiles and Monster Platforms – Balmain

Cowl collar and drape in this sensual chocolate brown ensemble – Balmain

Tactile touch in this strap ensemble – Balmain

Patchwork and hand-stitched – Balmain

Heavenly piece with white roped platform – Balmain

Hand roping to finish the style line of this intricate dress – Balmain

Tapestry Holdall with rough edges – Balmain

3D Sorcery – Balmain

Heavenly Shade Front Gathered Skirt – Balmain

The show concluded with a sizzling HOT Balmain