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Pakistani Bridal Wedding Dress – RiciMelion

The art of designing bridal wedding dresses: Rici Melion’s bridal gowns are exceptional

Lehenga Choli: Most Popular Bridal Dress for Pakistani Brides

Pakistanis celebrate their weddings more than any other country. It is no exaggeration to say that Pakistanis live in marriage. Even after the wedding is over, you will remember that moment of celebration for the rest of your life. Various trends continue to add more excitement and festivity at Rici Melion. pakistani wedding dress Among all trends, wearing a stunning bridal dress is an evergreen trend. Pakistani Girls’ Eternal Lehenga Let’s not forget her love affair with Choli. And with Rici Melion East’s newly launched couture pieces, the trend just keeps getting bigger and better.

At Rich Merrion East, lehenga choli bridal gowns are available in red, maroon and gold colors that truly represent the traditionally rich Pakistani culture. Besides lehenga choli designs, you can also choose from a wide range of bridal dresses such as floor length frocks, maxi frocks, gowns and sarees.What Makes Lich Merion bridal dress More attractive and eye-catching is the extensive use of elements such as zircons, kola, crystals, appliqués, dubka, zardozi, stones, pearls, cut dana, sequences, beads, Swarovski, cut war. Rici Melion uses these elements to create the perfect dress to create fairytale moments.

Rici Melion Wedding Dresses – Where Luxury Meets Elegance

Rici Melion East is a must when choosing your wedding dress. Many brides continue to opt for timeless and classic looks. Because bridal fashion evolves much slower than the high street.However, with Rici Melion East Wedding dress In general, it has become more daring and adventurous. In the past, brides used to stick to standard rosy outfits for their big day. Same silhouette and shape.

A well-known brand in the Pakistani fashion industry, Rici Melion is known for its impeccable bridal designs. The quality of their products reflects the bridal’s expertise in her fashion. Plus, Rici Melion’s bridal outfits come in multiple styles at reasonable prices. Incorporating classic colors into her bridal collection, she maintains a connection with her classic lines while adding an innovative touch.

Mehndi Dress Designs – There is no wedding without colorful, loud mehndi

worn by pakistani brides Designer lehengas, ghararas, shararas, peplum, and angrakha for mehndi features. In 2021, you can find the most beautiful mehndi dresses for brides at Rici Melion. The extended wedding season could soon resume as things are returning to normal after several strict lockdown sessions, making the wedding season in Pakistan one to forget for years. What is the function of a wedding without mehndi functions, colors, music, celebration and entertainment? Choosing a beautiful dress is very important for our guests.

From the beginning, brides only wore yellow with their mehndi dresses, but now there is a lot of experimentation with mehndi colors and styles. hand, latest mehndi dresses It features attractive patterns that are beautiful and attractive. When it comes to diversity, contemporary fashion trends, the environment and the latest fashion styles, Rici Melion offers mehndi brides a vast array of beautiful bridal outfits.

As the mehndi tradition has evolved, the features and dresses associated with it have become even more important than before.

Pakistani Wedding Dress for Walima and Barat

Many brides choose relatively bright colors. or bridal dress The traditional red color of Barratt’s wedding dress. To stay true to its roots and make the event more innovative, Rici Melion’s design experts chose the color palette with the utmost precision. Red is still the favorite color of brides, but for those who love simple wedding dresses, Rici Melion East offers elegant pastel colors like blush, baby blue, light violet, vintage pink, champagne and angelic blue. We offer many sets. In addition, there is also a trend towards black bridal her gowns. Brides who want to make a statement can choose from a variety of colorful options, from bold to delicate.

Minimalists, it’s time to shine. Modern brides like simple wedding dresses with clean lines and minimal embellishments. Brides can stick to a simple theme with the addition of some delicate jewellery.

final verdict

A wedding in Pakistan is incomplete without an expensive bridal outfit. We need to change this mindset and avoid buying extravagant dresses that are only worn once.

  • The blouse can be worn with other skirts/lehenga and dupattas. If your top is heavy, you can combine it with a basic edge and dupatta.If your blouse is light, you can wear it with a heavy dupatta and lehenga.
  • It can be combined with unadorned clothing without dupatta.
  • If you have a long dupatta in the back, you can drape it over a simple skirt and style it like a saree.

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