Olivia Rodrigo wears a 90s-inspired slip dress

Slip dresses have a very cool allure. It’s the kind of trend that doesn’t have to be too hard, and it’s become the quintessential staple of the it girl’s closet. , featuring a white satin slip with black lace trim, delicate black lace detailing across the bodice, and a matching lace choker. She paired her slightly vampire look with a bold red lip. , with black hair pulled all the way down and small braids all over, giving the lightweight silhouette of her outfit an autumnal energy.

The gala was held at Massey Hall in Toronto, and Rodrigo had the honor of inducting iconic singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette into the Hall of Fame later that night. Given that Rodrigo was one of her biggest musical inspirations and was there to pay tribute to the true queen of her 90s pop-rock scene, Rodrigo has a nostalgic vibe. It makes sense that it appeared in the look of In fact, this may be the very reason for details like lace chokers, mini braids, and grunge makeup that are a little edgy for Rodrigo, especially when compared to her typically trendy aesthetic.

That said, we’ve seen her experimenting with fashion lately, staying true to her Y2K roots but with more alternative outfits, complete with velvet corsets and dark academia-inspired outfits. Morissette herself stands out in a bright red suit with a colorful patterned blouse and sparkly heels, and the two pose together for the first time since the cover. rolling stoneCheck out more of Rodrigo’s nostalgic ’90s-inspired look below to see how she makes past trends feel new.