Oh snap!3 simple remedies for broken underwires

Recently, I was traveling from California to London. As I was getting off the plane, I reached over to retrieve my (very packed) carry-on. When I put the bag down, I felt the familiar “pop!” sound. on my ribcage. That sound… Do you know the sound when the underwire breaks?

some choice words (not published by TCF) It came to mind. Underwire was cut. I still had a six-hour flight ahead of me, and I didn’t enjoy sitting in cramped seats with wires sticking out every time I moved.

Queue my emotions:


Luckily, I am a resourceful woman with internet access.i googled (and tried) Some MacGyver-like solutions, and…

Here are some temporary fixes for broken underwires.

  1. Ask for band-aids. When the underwire breaks, you may not have the tape handy.But I’m betting on you (or someone you can ask) There are some band-aids.The idea is to wrap a band-aid around the underwire (used like tape) don’t hurt you You can probably tape the underwire, but I’ve found that it usually bounces.
  2. Please use the pads. Ok, this sounds weird.However, most public restrooms (and the woman sitting next to you) becomes a pad.tear it into smaller sections (You don’t need them all!) Wrap it around the underwire and tape it down.
  3. Turn the bra inside out. It’s always thrusting at me whenever the underwire breaks. (literally) Turn your bra inside out and let the underwire stick out of you. Then use what you have on hand to tape the exposed wire.This only works in certain circumstances (And you run the risk of the underwire breaking through the top) But this is a temporary fix and it works.
wire bra sticking out
from Imgur.com

Not only is this extremely frustrating when it happens. For some, it’s downright infuriating. Bras are expensive and very hard to find, so a broken underwire can be a disaster.

But have you ever asked yourself why it broke? These questions come to mind after this happens.

Mainstay tired bra
Images from flagship products
  • how old is bra?
  • How do you care for your favorite bra?
  • How great was the bra quality?

Breast shape, proper sizing, and bra quality all affect the life and wear of your precious boulder holder.


Now that we’re here… what would you do if your underwire broke?

Do you have any lifehacks for fixing broken underwires? Share them below!