NYFW Get The Look: Alice + Olivia Spring 2023, sponsored by Arbonne

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When people think of color and NYFW, most people think of the one and only Alice + Olivia. Alice + Olivia by Stacey Bendet is a brand that allows women to express their style. Juxtaposing the whimsical and flirtatious with the sexy and sophisticated, a+o embodies the personality and her perspective of founder Stacy Her Bendett. The brand was born out of Stacey’s personal quest to create the perfect pair of pants and has since grown into her complete lifestyle collection that includes ready-to-wear, gowns, shoes, handbags and accessories. The brand is loved by Hollywood celebrity fans like Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba and more.

house of Alice + Oliviawomen are welcome to come and indulge in endless charm, whimsy, And we found inspiration in Stacey’s Wonderland version of the house. Stacey Bendett for Spring 2023 Alice + Olivia You ask, “Why should glamor exist only outside?”

Alice + Olivia

“Often my interiors inspire my designs, and my designs inspire my interiors,” she notes. The presentation of the Spring/Summer 2023 collection shows the surreal possibilities of creating a glorious wardrobe inspired by interior decor. But this is not a minimalist study of her designs. Instead, it’s a nod to British eclectic style, eccentric and maximalist, sophisticated and dramatic.

During the presentation, people walk through several brightly decorated rooms.lady don Alice + Olivia A house coat made of luxurious brocade, reminiscent of stately window curtains. Some lounged on sofas in tulle floral gowns, while the garment itself seemed to come to life with hints of bright color, while a luxurious white silk cloak made guests look glamorous. Some people invite her to her party for dinner. Some wear sculptural floral cocktail dresses. Perfect for romantic and sexy women. In a cheeky move, there’s a coat meant to emulate a gorgeous freshly baked cake, worn in a room filled with real-life renditions of decadent treats.

But glamor wasn’t the only thing on Bendett’s mind both in the collection and in her home. She mixed in elements of 90s grunge while maintaining a feminine and chic vibe.. It’s modern femininity that women can mix and match pieces in the collection. Make them more fun, youthful and lively,” she says. This is certainly noticeable.

Alice + Olivia’s signature tailoring is trimmed for modernity. A silk dress is paired with sneakers and a brand new trucker hat. The mini leather dress is lined with ornately embellished crystals, while the others are completely encased in crystals. The color palette is varied and vibrant. Tulle and organza create a seasonal feel with their dramatic shapes and fresh, colorful silhouettes. There are pops of bright green, pink, and turquoise, and Bendett likes to call the soft shade of red-orange “chili pepper.” There’s also a vegan trench coat (a must-have this season!) that you can wear with wide-leg denim for his style rendition. Alice + Olivia Enthusiasts are always coveting. Cropped Her tailored blazers come in chic plain and beautiful hot pink versions and are embroidered with flowers, reminiscent of the beautiful gardens her bouquets embraced in the life of a tailor. Bendet brings an element of nostalgia to the collection, revisiting her classic preppy rugby outfit. But her version, she says, is modern, feminine and mushy, and at home with a fresh fix.


in the meantime house of Alice + Olivia, Although primarily inspired by the beauty found in the home, the range is no less idiosyncratic. Ultimately, the collection is another love note for women not defined by aesthetics, demographics or age. is a treasure trove of designs. “You need to dress to match the room you’re in.” Skincare for the Alice + Olivia show, created by Arbonne. It was everything.” -Krystal Vigo, PRIV Esthetician

  1. For Albonne Express Glow facialIn just 2-3 minutes, your skin will look healthy, shiny and moist. Moisten your skin first. NEW! Arbonne DermResults Smoothing Glow Cleanser to the Arbonne Dissolve the Day facial cleansing cloth. Then, gently massage in circular motions on your face. Use a new cleansing cloth to remove cleanser residue.
  2. Clean and dry the Arbonne Awakening Gold Colored Gel Eye Masks around your eyes and leave them on for 1-15 minutes depending on your time. Discard the remaining essence and apply it to your skin.
  3. Add 2-3 drops of NEW! Dispense Arbonne Illuminating Skin Therapy Concentrate 15% Vitamin C into palm, emulsify well and gently press onto skin. facial range. Massage well until well absorbed (avoid under and outside eyes). For sensitive skin, replace this step with Arbonne HydrateMe Crushed Jelly Serum with Edulis Cellular Water.
  4. Apply NEW! Apply Arbonne DermResults Glow Cream with Vitamin C evenly over face using spatula applicator and massage well into skin, avoiding eye area.
  5. Using the spatula applicator, apply a small amount of Arbonne HydrateMe Brilliant Eye Gel with Edulis Cellular Water to the under eye area and gently stroke to calm, moisturize and brighten dark circles.

Alice + Olivia

Makeup – Two Face: Turquoise Stacy Eye (Look 1/5)

  1. Prep your face with Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
  2. Trim your eyelids with shadow insurance
  3. Apply Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer to lids
  4. Apply Turquoise Killer Liner to your upper lid in a foamy motion, then slide the liner just below your lower lashes.
  5. Blend the turquoise with your finger
  6. Apply Ethereal Setting Powder to lids
  7. Blend Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer + Two Faced Replenishing Face Primer, blend and apply to skin and neck with a brush and spread thinly.
  8. *Cover under eyes with the NEW Ethereal Light Concealer
  9. Blend Candy’s Cloud Crush Blush under eyes (Spring 2023 Sneak Peek)
  10. Finish your eyes with Better Than Sex Mascara
  11. Line your lips with the Badass Lady Bold Lip Liner
  12. Apply Cocoa Bold Lipstick in Chocolate Strawberry to your lips.
  13. Plump your lips with the Lip Injection Plumping Lip Gloss in Wifi For Life
  14. Too Faced Fluff & Hold Brow Wax for natural fluffy brows
  15. Fill in your brows with the Super Fine Brow Detailer Eyebrow Pencil

Nail – Kiss

  1. Choose the correct size of KISS Bare But Better Nails in style Nude Drama and set aside in order
  2. File and shape into an almond shape
  3. Create colored French chips using various colors of polish: blue, yellow, green, pink, and tomato red.
  4. Apply final nails with glue to natural nails

Hair – Moroccanoil

Take a look:

  • Apply a dime-sized amount of Moroccanoil Treatment or Moroccanoil Treatment Light from mid-lengths to ends to create the perfect foundation for styling.
  • Apply Moroccanoil Smoothing Lotion from mid-lengths to ends for a luxuriously silky finish.
  • To protect your hair from all types of heat styling, apply Moroccanoil Perfect Defense all over your hair.
  • Blow straight and smooth with the Moroccanoil Power Performance Ionic Hair Dryer.
  • Apply Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray all over hair to add texture and dimension.
  • Create a smooth midsection and pull the remaining hair back into a low ponytail. Smooth with a Moroccanoil Styling Comb. Secure this with elastic or elastic thread.
  • Twist the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic at the base to create a tight bun, and secure with a bobby pin.
  • Lock in style with MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray Strong for extra hold and splatter-free.
  • Finish the bun with an oversized scrunchie to add a bold pop of color.

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