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NYC’s Best Instagram Spots – Wendy’s Lookbook


We have summarized the Instagrammable spots and shooting spots in NYC! From Belvedere Castle to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to Casa He magazine, some are seasonal, some are hidden gems.

We are so excited to share this Sunday spotlight with you. This is about one of my favorite topics and one of my favorite cities. Photography and New York. Where are the best photo spots in Tokyo? I’m often asked, but honestly, I have too many favorite places!

Below are some of my personal favorites. Beautifully Instagrammable =) Some are seasonal like Cézanne and cherry blossoms in the botanical garden, while others are hidden gems. Please keep in mind that our photo tips are for people who don’t necessarily want to photograph crowds or people. We have also listed styling suggestions at the end of each location. I’m happy. Next, create a list of iconic locations (Brooklyn Bridge, Top of the Rock, etc.) and local favorites. Part II is coming soon.

:: 5 Instagrammable Spots in NYC ::

Location | Belvedere Castle :: Would you believe me if I told you there’s a castle in the middle of Central Park?? It might sound like an exaggeration but it’s 100% true! I discovered Belvedere Castle last year and fell in love instantly . Located right in the middle of Central Park, the view is like something out of a fairy tale.

photo tips :: There is a lake (can we call it a moat?) around the castle, but there is a short fence around the water, so I recommend taking pictures with your waist up. But it’s safe!) Capture the full outfit with the castle in the background! Simply put, the castle itself is closed for renovations so you can’t go inside, but you can take pictures from across the lake. You can take pictures (see above). But really, the atmosphere and views are tranquil and inviting, so bring a picnic, sit and read, or enjoy all of the above!

Location | Brooklyn Botanic Garden :: The Brooklyn Botanical Garden in spring is spectacularly covered in cherry blossoms from head to toe! I’ve been checking the internet frequently, but the cherry blossoms are still blooming early, so I think they will bloom around the same time as last year. Visually and emotionally very abnormal. The cherry blossoms create a very vivid and beautiful environment, and the whole garden gives off a rich cheer and joy.

photo tips :: Taking photos in high traffic areas like the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens means arriving early, especially during cherry blossom season! , actually, my team and I will arrive and take pictures as soon as possible. And by early I mean a few minutes before the park opens, or just after it opens (the park opens at 8am). I also recommend bringing a wide-angle lens to capture the magnificence of the cherry blossom trees and the row of cherry trees.

Location | Casa Magazine :: One of my favorite places in NYC! There is an independent magazine/newspaper store called Casa Magazine in the West Village that I frequent. It’s an impressive storefront stacked with every kind of magazine imaginable. In addition to its vast selection, the store serves as a great backdrop for photos both indoors and outdoors.

photo tips :: It’s tight inside, but it’s not impossible to take a picture easily. I always ask the shop owner first (he is very nice!). Personally, I compose the shots in my head before I pull out the camera to save time. I don’t like to bother shopkeepers or disrupt the natural flow of the place. . Outdoors is great as well with window displays of all the magazines!

Place | Cezane :: Paris has a certain magic and charm. Of course, when Parisian boutique store Sezane opened in New York, I knew it was going to be something special! It captures the laissez-faire attitude that creates a chic look in … It’s France at its best in every way. They have adorable bikes and benches out front!

photo tips :: Sezane is located in a narrow alley, so it can be difficult to get a straight perspective, especially when there are cars parked in the street.To avoid this problem, take photos at an oblique angle . On a note, this particular place gets very busy, but people are very polite and take turns taking pictures for you. To avoid this problem (the crowding problem), it is recommended to visit Cézanne when it is closed. Monday and Tuesday. The only thing is… the bike and bench won’t be outside that day.

Location | Roman & Williams Guild :: Colin and I were exploring the city on our off days and recently came across Roman & Williams. A cafe, furniture and design shop, and flower shop all in one! Intentionally and artfully decorated down to the last detail, it’s basically a designer’s dream! To say that is “beautiful” doesn’t really capture how great it is!

photo tips :: Since it is a restaurant, cafe, and flower shop, we recommend weekdays or after-hours when you have plenty of time to shoot. If you like this flower shop angle, I highly recommend shooting with a wide angle lens (I used a 35mm lens and it was perfect) or an iPhone. Take your time, have fun, and walk around! fun!

Enjoy this post. Bookmark this page if you plan to visit New York, live in New York, shoot in these locations, or stop by these areas. Thank you for always reading! And oh…if you end up shooting at these locations, tag me in your IG pics so I can see them!

thank you for reading!

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