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NYC’s Best Instagram Spots, Part II


Welcome to Best NYC Instagram Spots, Part II! Introducing new photo-worthy locations like Central Park, Jane’s Carousel, and Washington Mews.

Part I was posted here a few weeks ago. Today, we’re adding a few more spots to our list of photo-worthy places in New York City. We have also listed styling suggestions at the end of each location.

have fun. We hope to grow this list by discovering more locations!

:: 5 Instagrammable Spots in NYC ::

Location | Central Park :: posted this image on Instagram @wendyslookbook a few days ago (look here), there have been many requests for this exact location. It’s really hard to describe the exact streets that run through Central Park, but I’ll do my best… Fifth Avenue He enters E 79th Street and crosses 79th Street to East his Doctor walk. After passing the East Doctor, this tree is literally a few steps away. As far as we could see, there seemed to be two or three cherry blossom trees in full bloom around here. So don’t miss it! A giant bright pink tree in the middle of a lush lawn.

photo tips :: Use a wide angle lens to capture this fairytale epic spot. This photo was taken with our 35mm lens for him. The area is very quiet and very relaxing. People are lying on the grass, having picnics, doing whatever they want. Enjoy and admire this amazing beauty before it disappears!

position | | Jane’s carousel :: Jane’s Carousel is a welcoming experience located directly across from the beautiful Manhattan skyline. A vintage carousel built in 1922, it got its name after local Dumbo her artist Jane Her Valentus restored her 20 (20!) years paintwork. The carousel makes a gorgeous backdrop for photos, but I highly recommend taking a spin too! It brings out the kid in us all!

photo tips :: The carousel usually fills up quickly, so we recommend arriving as soon as the carousel opens. The carousel is closed Monday through Wednesday (horses need a few days off!), Thursday We are open.Sundayseconds. To capture the grandeur of the carousel, you need a wider lens!

position | | Commerce Street & Barrow Street :: Mina, Colin and I always call this crossroads “Cherry Street” and as the name suggests, this area is quite spectacular. Many people take their engagement photos here and many shoots take place in this area. He is one of New York City’s most beautiful intersections. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the West Village, Cherry Street is a striking European neighborhood. You can enjoy the scenery of the four seasons, such as snow covering the whole body in winter and rows of cherry trees in spring!

photo tips :: There are two similar brick houses on this street corner. I like to stand at an angle from these buildings and streets to capture the entire background. A dilapidated concrete wall with a small wooden gate and sometimes a street lamp with a bicycle still attached to it. There are cars on both sides of this street, so keep an eye out and take pictures safely!

position | | washington muse :: Colin and I were walking through Washington Square Park the other day, and the park was so crowded (due to the 70-degree weather!) that we decided to take a different route home. did. As we turned the corner, Colin suddenly pointed to this alleyway. It looked like a little Barcelona in New York! I was blown away! Bold colored walls, pretty plate glass windows, imperfect cobblestones… I felt transported to another place.

photo tips :: This area is actually private property and may not be open to the public. Colin and I filmed here on a whim when we realized the gates were open. When it’s open, photographers, art and fashion students, and film people all flock to this location for photos and inspiration. I highly recommend strolling through Washington Square Park and walking by the Washington Mews to see if the gates are open. Good luck and have fun!

position | | Stuyvesant Street & 10th cent :: This street corner is just like New York!A cinematic and magical view of street lamps against a backdrop of colorful buildings with vines… like the backdrop of a romantic girlfriend comedy where the heroine and her lover take a lazy walk. Saturday In the morning (anyone have the email?).

photo tips :: Cars are usually parked on both sides of Stuyevesant Street and Street, but you can get a car-free image by taking a picture straight on. I haven’t visited this place in spring yet, but in autumn this place is breathtaking in every way.The vines and bushes are golden and the lighting here is so beautiful. There is a great coffee shop just up the street (Third Rail Coffee) in case you need it.

Enjoy this post. Bookmark this page if you plan to visit New York, live in New York, shoot in these locations, or stop by these areas.Included in Part I Belvedere Castle, Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Casa magazine, get to know each otherWhen Roman & Williams Guild, Part II is current. Thank you for always reading!

thank you for reading!

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