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number one. sleepy.so far

This is no exaggeration. I am having the best sleep of my life in my new bed. big fig mattress!

When we started planning our move and interior design, we had one big vision for our new bedroom.The feeling of getting into a big comfortable bed where the room has an incredible energy and feels like a cloud and you wish You felt like you were sleeping at home. My mission was to create that feeling in my actual home and strive to get that vacation-level relaxation and good sleep. every day Night—not just on vacation! This goal influenced every decision, from furniture selection to linens to mattresses. big fig.

I heard about big fig Several friends of mine, as well as plus size individuals, have raved about how comfortable and supportive the bed has been since making the switch. It started very well, but soon it started to lose shape, sag, and the edges lost support.I’m pretty sure the lack of support from my previous mattress was even leading to the onset of sciatica last year, and my chiropractor tended to agree. When I upgraded from a queen size to a king size for the first time in my life, I carefully researched and weighed my options. big fig It’s the first and only mattress designed with larger bodies in mind (isn’t that surprising given how plus size people make up the true majority?! ), the edges are reinforced with additional supports, made of Thermogel Cooling Technology and, most impressively, tested and guaranteed for 20 years of use.

we are now our big fig I have been using the mattress since I moved in February and I am confident I am having the best sleep of my life. I wake up early and look forward to going to bed every night. big fig welcome home! !

A mattress can be a huge investment, so it’s a decision that takes time and consideration. big fig is currently having the biggest sale of the year.can get $300 Off Mattresses With Code MEMDAY through Memorial Day weekend. Each mattress also comes with foundation ($300 value) for those who need it.

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This post is sponsored by big figbut all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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