Notes for August 2022 – Maidens of Dior

Here we are sitting in the last month of summer and all I can do is wonder, how is it going by so fast?

It’s been quite some time since we did a little life check, so I thought I’d share some updates on life these days.

As you know, it’s been a huge celebration of love since welcoming Hugh into the family last month. Having all her RSV in her June in week 2 was pretty scary, but Hugh seems to be fighting it off like a little champ. Although he tested positive and received emergency treatment and was discharged, he did not have to stay overnight. We were all sick in the first few weeks of his life, but he reminded us that health should not be taken for granted.

Meanwhile I’m plugging in WeissWyeth is a new brand launching in October. We didn’t talk much here, but we’ll start sharing more in the coming weeks. I have designed complete collections and assisted teams in store building, branding, marketing strategy, e-commerce building and in and out of multi-label wholesale showrooms. It’s all been a lot of fun and I love unleashing the creativity that I’ve slowly built up through this blog over the last ten years.

In other news from Homefront, we’re considering moving June’s room into a playroom.We’re considering welcoming an au pair into the family this fall. I have only recently started researching this and I really like the idea of ​​bringing someone into our lives who can offer a different cultural perspective on a daily basis. We sincerely hope that you will experience the language and culture. Also, there is nothing better than being someone’s host family. We are narrowing down the criteria and will let you know the details soon.

But (as much as it’s fun), it also means redesigning the playroom to suit June’s needs, creating room and space for the au pair. looking for a new bed and started anew ‘Toddler bed’ folder on PinterestIt’s a small project that keeps me busy at night.

Also, we finally did a shoot of the house right before Hugh was born, so hopefully we’ll be able to share some images soon.

Side note: I need to reorder This AMO denim I liked it when I tried it on in the photo above, so I sized down.

Here are a few that I recently ordered and liked.

very sorry A pair of these $$$ denim It’s sure to sell out, but if you can find it, it’s definitely a favorite this season!

i saw Fellow influencer’s this Jenny Kane sweater I love it from day one.While doing so, I received many questions about the cable knit sweater. The one I wore in the hospital was Jenny Kane.

this white dress It’s also a fan favorite on IG, and last month’s top five sellers on Amazon were: my favorite white swimsuit cover upall my time favorite socks (Set of 3) Husband’s favorite underwearthe only bike shorts When I put it on, it was incredibly soft and easy to wear. comfort set.

On the splurge bend, I pulled these triggers Roger Vivier slingback And boy am I glad I did. Ordered 1/2 size up and will thank you later.The skin is amazingly soft!

This was one of my favorite purchases this month.

At the end of August, in June, I plan to take my friends and I to Idaho for summer vacation. This year has felt a little more subdued for us than years past, so we are very much looking forward to our last summer trip.

This month I want to stretch out to a final crescendo to celebrate balmy summer nights, barbecues with friends, and daily swims in warm pools. I look forward to autumn and the change of seasons.

i love xoxo