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New Fashion Trend: Ergonomic Fashion Design

This post introduces what ergonomic fashion design is. It’s responsible fashion because it helps treat the body and mind. Added a few. I call it ergonomic fashion. It’s a big concept and you can learn different kinds of topics about ergonomics fashion. Ergonomic fashion relieves pain, relieves suffering, and gives you calmness and energy when you wear it.

Ergonomic fashion fabrics, material developments and apparel help our bodies and minds when they are ergonomically designed.

Some examples of therapeutic ergonomic fashion:

  • Fashion fabrics with emollients (e.g. aloe infused fabrics)

  • compression apparel

  • Infused fashion fabric with antibacterial and bactericidal properties

  • Designs and prints that lift your spirits

  • Laundry detergent made with essential oils that act as adaptogens

  • Overall visual image of clothing that reduces stress

  • Attractive design aesthetics that increase endorphins

Definition of ergonomics Merriam Webster: “The applied science concerned with designing and arranging the things people use so that they interact with each other most efficiently and safely.”

When it comes to designing machines that support fashion manufacturing and worker safety and efficiency, there is “fashion ergonomics.” i’m not talking about that. I am talking about how fashion design can provide safety and efficiency for the human body and mind.

Fashion engineering is ergonomic fashion

When it comes to design, you have to think like an engineer. For a productive and efficient day, you need to wear an ergonomic therapeutic design.

Ergonomic fashion design is clothing that both performs and functions well, and clothing that supports human performance and function. Clothes that are ill-fitting and uncomfortable are non-ergonomic fashion designs.

Quote from article Application of Garment Ergonomics in Fashion Design“:

“Combining the characteristics of professional clothing and the content of ergonomics to form an independent system, the purpose of which is to completely change the traditional concept of the past, to create harmony and unity between humans and clothing, humans and the environment.” It is to realize the “beauty of form”. “Efficiency” in the process of clothing design allows the art of clothing and the practical effects of wearing to reach the optimal state of comfort, health, safety, wellness, function, appearance and individuality. ”- Yang Xiaonyang

Examples of ergonomic equipment:

  • ergonomic keyboard

  • ergonomics mouse

  • laptop stand

  • kneeling chair

With fashion based on ergonomics, we will change clothes into “equipment”. Our “clothes” are “tools” that make our lives more effective and skillful. The ergonomic fashion design is the outstanding design. Wearing ergonomic clothing can help you manage your body and mind better.

Building an ergonomic wardrobe involves choosing clothing for function and purpose, not just aesthetics. Combining science and spirituality results in ergonomic fashion design . Designing corrective apparel is a science. Ergonomic design improves your body.

Fabrics that moisturize the skin, clothes with built-in functions to hold pressure points, and seamless designs that do not irritate the skin. Here are some examples of ergonomic design details.

Ergonomic fashion can help our energetic body

You also need to think about the flow of energy in your body, how clothing affects your chakras, energy channels, and how certain fabrics are placed on your body. The design and specific seam lines and how the silhouette helps the energy flow. The non-ergonomic design helps stop the flow of energy.

In Hannah Kruger’s book Seven Spiritual Causes of Illness, she talks about the aura, which is the large egg that surrounds the chakras and the body. Certain types of ergonomic fabrics and materials promote the aura.

When you treat your body with ergonomic apparel, it’s a therapeutic, a healing treatment. What we wear can affect our aura and energy body. I want to seal the life force in my body and take away the energy in my aura.

Photo by Sergey Makashin

Incorporate these brilliant ergonomic fashion pieces into your wardrobe.

seamless clothing—seamless clothing

Athleisure Apparel—Clothes that look and feel good

bio crystal apparelReduce stress and fatigue

soft fabric—Gentle on the senses to support your nerves

Compression clothing—They give the body a light massage for pressure. (Medical grade and non-medical grade clothing can also be used and worn. All medical grade clothing is ergonomic and fashion design.)

Temperature control– Wear TencelTM for thermoregulating cooling and plant-based down or down-filled clothing for warmth. Almost all plant-based fabrics are temperature regulating.

heavy clothing—they good for relieving stress

Shiatsu Slippers – Sandals Use the bumps of the slippers to massage the pressure points on the soles of your feet. This is an ergonomic accessory designed to be highly therapeutic. I think it’s a medicinal fashion.

Quote from article: “How fashion ergonomics help your spine

“Fashion ergonomics is the intersection of fashion and health.” – Dr. Erickson

Some of the ergonomic fashions in my wardrobe

I have worn very uncomfortable and unergonomic clothes in my life. I even passed out once in a dress that was too tight. The wool made me so itchy that I wanted to turn my skin inside out. I wore clothes with zippers that hurt or irritated my skin.

I’ve worn a lot of different kinds of clothes that I’ve been particularly uncomfortable with, and I’ve been victimized in the name of fashion. Now this is a time of spiritual awakening. I think part of my spiritual awakening is dressing more comfortably in ergonomic fashion. Sometimes I am, but not often.


I have several examples of ergonomically designed clothing in my wardrobe. I have a really cute juniper colored backpack. I bought it specifically because the strap is padded. Many times I have bought backpacks with straps that are not well padded and have caused a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck. For example.

foot insert

As a healthy fashion practitioner, I practice fashion and use it as a tool and healing modality. Ergonomic clothing helps the body heal. For example, I have a pair of foot inserts that have supported my feet and feet. Before these foot inserts, the arch of the foot was falling. This type of fashion accessory helped support my arches. It kept it from falling and strengthened my arch.

Posture correction/back brace

Also, since I’m wearing a back brace, I consider it a fashion accessory. In the future, fashion designers can create jackets that have braces built into her back to make her look more fashionable. I really like my back brace and had some back issues with my spine.

You can use my back brace/posture corrector as an example of ergonomic design. This is a design that corrects your body and is truly ergonomic fashion. It corrects any ailments we may have and supports the body as a whole. This is the new wellness and fashion trend that therapeutically supports the body.


I usually wear leggings. I love the compression of the fabric against my feet.I think I wear these to stimulate circulation in my feet. I had a minor stroke in the past that affected my leg muscles. It’s not medical compression wear, but it’s good enough for my body. Compression wear is also known to improve blood flow, which also helps circulation in the legs.

crew socks

I also like wearing crew socks. I don’t like my ankles exposed. Part of that is due to an old injury I had, which gives my ankle extra support and strength. However, I learned recently from a feng shui book that I can’t remember the author, but there are meridians and acupressure points right next to the ankle, which can leak when exposed to cold air. So there are specific ways to wear clothing that supports your meridians and acupuncture points.

Photo by Sergey Makashin

final note

Ergonomic fashion is a whole field of research that can be researched and the wide variety of ergonomically designed apparel currently in production. Ergonomic fashion is not a new concept. Various types of ergonomic fashion designs have been created. Thousands, millions, but not specifically called ergonomic fashion design.

Ergonomic fashion can be found in all style genres. Not a particular style. That’s how the garment is designed. All style genres bring ergonomic fashion to the collection. However, there are some style genres that feature a lot of ergonomic apparel.

Some of the style genres that carry performance apparel: minimalism. Luxury, Athleisure, Loungewear, Activewear, Casualwear, Athleisure Fashion. However, ergonomically designed apparel can be found in every style genre. Because they are comfortable and luxurious.

Unfortunately, we don’t do enough marketing of mainstream ergonomic clothing. Our clothes can do much more than the way they are marketed. . This is not only healing fashion, but also mindful fashion.

I believe that ergonomic fashion will become a trend of the future and will be promoted in all fashion markets very soon. not.

in my book healthy fashion, I wrote a section of the book specifically about ergonomic design. If you want to learn more about ergonomic and therapeutic fashion, check out my book Healthy Fashion I support conscious consumers who want to help their wardrobe and fashion professionals who want to have a healthier fashion business. This book introduces how and how fashion can be used as an alternative health therapy and as a long-term health trend. Also, for healthy fashion campaigns, this blog provides articles on ergonomic and therapeutic apparel. will be shared further.

Ergonomic fashion is inspiring. Choosing ergonomic apparel enhances and supports your unique style. We all want fashion that not only supports our bodies therapeutically, but facilitates function and performance.

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