Nadia Aboulhosn: maxi dresses all summer long

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Nadia Aboulhosn: maxi dresses all summer long

Do you find yourself wearing maxi dresses all summer long? Below are some of our favorite dresses for this summer. Each has its own style, but I love all of them. The light lime green tiered frill dress was Torrid’s original, but when I looked it up, it was sold out, so I looked for a dress with a similar cut. The second dress I’m wearing is from Aerie, which is also sold out. I’m in Florida so basically I can see her in her maxi dress until December. Well… really year round lol.

Photo Jul 20, 6 01 13 PM

Photo Jul 06, 10 20 07 PM

Photo June 29th and 11th at 20:33

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