My Mini Thrift Haul: Goodwill Clothing

about starting my day

Hi guys.For those new to my work and reading this, I am the founder of healthy fashion campaign author with Healthy Fashion: The Deeper TruthI want to tell you about a little recycling shopping I did today.

It started early. I got up pretty early and went to the ocean, especially the beach on Coronado Island called Coronado Beach. Walking along the coast, I was very inspired by nature, seaweed, and seascapes. Crown Hotel, and take a walk. We saw dolphins swimming! We walked for about 40 minutes. I really needed exercise.

After a beach walk, we went to Goodwill, a second-hand clothing store in Imperial Beach, California. About 10 minutes south of Coronado Island. I was 15 minutes early and the store didn’t open until 10am. I hadn’t had breakfast so I walked over to CVS and bought trail mix and beef jerky/cheese sticks. It was so good!

Before I tell you what I bought, I want to say that I really like shopping at Goodwill. They are usually always organized and have a great selection of clothing to choose from.

my purchases from goodwill

My “Zen” mini-thrift hole

I only bought a few pieces of clothes, so I call it the “Zen Minimum Thrift Hall.” It’s a whole other thing if you’re a thrift store owner and you have to do a lot of shopping, but for someone like me who just wants to shop and choose clothes that fit me. And if you know you’re going to wear the clothes you buy, you should shop in small lots, not in bulk. I am a minimalist at this point in my life and this is why I shop minimally. Zen, or minimal shopping, is now part of my lifestyle.

With a smaller wardrobe, it’s no longer easy to shop a lot and have a large wardrobe. This is because I’m into the minimal wardrobe rhythm and have a smaller sized wardrobe.

The picture below shows what I bought from Goodwill, but I only bought two.

Divided vintage shirts

It looks like a simple shirt, but when you put it on, it’s not. The cut and silhouette are very modern.

I love this cute new t-shirt. I love the cut. I like the way it’s cropped. I like the length of the sleeves, I like the neckline. Also, it’s so hot here in San Diego that I still can’t imagine buying warm clothes for the fall season, so I wear a lot of tank tops and small t-shirts.

The color of the shirt is pink, a very soothing color. Wearing it will make you feel happy. Pink is one of my favorite colors.

I support mass fashion and fast fashion

The brand name of the shirt is H&M brand Divided.many people boycott

Walmart, Target, and all other major mass retailers. The problem is that they work well together with other smaller brands when it comes to sustainable fashion production.

The shirt I bought at Goodwill still has the tag on it! One tag says 25% recycled cotton. That’s good. This shirt is one of the conscious pieces in the Conscious Choice apparel capsule collection.

There is a report on H&M’s website.Sustainability Disclosure 2021.”

What I love about this pink top is that it is made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex fabric. I bought this product because it looked cool. I will actually wear it. We support almost all brands. If something looks good on me and I know I’ll be wearing it, I buy it.

I’m not saying fast fashion is better, but the tops I buy from H&M are made from plant-based fabrics. Fast fashion is mainly made of polyester and synthetic fabrics. If they produced less synthetic fabrics and more apparel made from plant-based fabrics, the fashion industry would slow down. So I support the plant-based products they have. Mass fashion isn’t going away, but fast fashion isn’t going away.

Twenty One vintage skirt

The short skirt pictured above is from a brand called Twenty One. My next purchase was his skirt, a simple cotton jersey knit with an elastic waistband. This skirt has a nice thick waistband. Wear a skirt in the fall and without tights in the spring and summer.

I like the simple black short jersey knit skirt. I owned 5-7 of these skirt types in different colors from different brands and wore them over leggings. This skirt is a little thick to match with leggings. It’s a nice minimal, ergonomic design.

clothes cleaning

Just wanted to let you know that these two pieces smell bad. The pink shirt I got smells like perfume. So, I would like to know how to get rid of the smell. One of his ways to wash these clothes to get rid of the odor is to add baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar to the washing machine. You can use a combination of them, or add just one of these ingredients to your laundry detergent.

final note

I hope you like my mini thrift hole. Maybe it’s a little funny that I showed two pieces and called it a mini-hall. It’s all about “carrying your limited wardrobe.”

When I went to the thrift store, I tried on about a dozen, but only two of them fit and worked. When I tried on 24 dresses, it was about 4 to 6.

The thrift store I went to was a little smaller, which was perfectly fine. They had some very nice clothes. I didn’t even see their sweaters or jackets. I only saw parts of their shirts, tank tops, and skirts.

I’m a huge fan of cotton/spandex leggings, so I have to get more biker shorts. So it’s perfect for me. I need more. I only have one pair of biker legging shorts for him, but I love wearing them so I hand wash them.

I can understand some of the more budget-friendly clothing available in stores that some people are trying to boycott, but in a year, five years, 10 years, those companies won’t be sustainable. Yes, part of it is because people are realizing that some of the things they’re doing right now aren’t sustainable and they’re talking about it, but at the same time, they’re doing the good things they’re doing. We can support. We can support the clothes they produce, the clothes we love.

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