my healthy makeup collection

In this post, I am sharing what I have in my makeup case. This is my current makeup collection. A must for my healthy makeup. Talk about why these cosmetics are healthy. We posted each makeup product (22 makeup products) with a product photo, description, and why we love that makeup product. I have linked the product so that you can purchase it. *This post is not sponsored.

Beauty/makeup brands mentioned in this article:

We have listed each makeup product by category.

  • Face: foundation, concealer, powder

  • Eyes: eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow definer, mascara

  • Lips: natural lip balm

  • Beauty Tools: Brushes

What Makes Makeup Healthy? Most of my makeup products are from Physician’s Formulas and bareMinerals. I am allergic to many of the chemicals found in non-natural I know these products are clean as they don’t overburden my skin.

Below is a list of benefits of wearing Physician Formula products.

“Hypoallergenic, non-greasy, hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved, non-comedogenic”

They specifically do not use 100 ingredients known in beauty products to irritate the skin.

bareMinerals and their benefits:

They use natural ingredients and their products are non-irritating and soothing. People with allergies or sensitive skin can also wear bareMinerals. Minerals such as zinc and iron oxide in makeup have anti-inflammatory properties.

I love this makeup case and travel beauty case. I started collecting too many cosmetics to fit in my travel makeup case (the makeup bag on the left side of my case in the picture), so I decided to purchase this beauty case at Caboodles! I love it. All makeup is organized and there is plenty of space for more makeup.

22 Cosmetics

Introducing 22 makeup products from my makeup collection. Added a short description of the product, why it’s good for you, and why you like it.

Click on the product name above the description to link to the company and product in this post.

face makeup

1. Doctor’s Prescription

I like using this product as an eyeshadow and blush. Also use as a highlighter to contour the face. I like bright colors. This is an all-in-one product. You can use it to bronze your face, use it as a blush, or use it as an eyeshadow. The color palette is named Nude. Dermatologist tested! Additionally, you can use large brushes and brushes for the entire palette.

2. bareMinerals

This is the perfect loose powder for a base. It is OK even over the liquid foundation. Keeps foundation on face much longer than when not in use. Whenever my face is sweaty, this powder covers the sweat. I like the smoothness of the product and it makes my face look silky and sophisticated.

3. Doctor’s Prescription

I love this blush and love all 4 shades that it does on my cheeks. With a specific brush, you can get a very nice contour with these blushes (aka rouges). I use my favorite colors to match my mood. This blush will complete your face with a complete look. Four shades give you diamond sparkle! I love my doctor’s prescription because it’s hypoallergenic makeup.

4. bareMinerals

i love this highlighter. Provides both freshness and luster. I always feel better when I put on this highlighter. I’m actually almost out of my entire highlighter pen. i need to get a new one. I believe it is long lasting. When they say it lasts 8 hours, it is! Their highlighter formula is mineral based and dermatologist approved mineral formulas.

5. Trimming

I love wearing this foundation. 97% plant-based (like most products mentioned in this article). I love that Kropp has added hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to their foundation for medicinal purposes. It covers the skin well, is light and has excellent breathability. This is the perfect foundation. Australian owned. It can be ordered online and is sold in stores worldwide. After using it, my skin definitely felt better.

6. Doctor’s Prescription

An organic tinted moisturizer works like a foundation. It provides full coverage. This product is 100% naturally derived and 70% organic. I have used this product for years. I mix the light and medium shades and sell them as two shades, so the shade is a bit dark but I don’t mind. Feels mid-weight to lightweight. Packed with protein and antioxidants! Some of the ingredients are kale, carrot, lemon, and quinoa protein. I have noticed that I look younger when I wear them than when I don’t.

7. Doctor’s Prescription

This hypoallergenic concealer is rich in pigments, so it provides excellent coverage for pimples and skin. I use it under my eyes and whenever I have acne or redness. I love it. It’s color correcting, so it looks better on your skin tone when you wear it. I love how this product lasts. When I use this concealer, I always look “Instagrammable”.

eye make up

8. bareMinerals

I love this multi-palette copper eyeshadow palette. Perfect for wearing day or night. This powder eyeshadow comes in a variety of matte, satin, and metallic finishes. It definitely makes me look more attractive. I love the colors and aesthetics of this palette. A very modern color palette and timeless. This product is ophthalmologist tested!

9. Doctor Prescription

I love the silky smooth texture of these gel liners. For some reason, when I draw eyeliner, I feel better. Especially when drawing winged eyeliner. I love that this product is fragrance free. I am allergic to most synthetic fragrances. I love the minerals added to this liner, and mineral makeup is known to be safer.

10. Kora Organics

I like the highlighter pen called Luminizer. It is a crystal infusion made with amethyst crystal powder! I can feel the crystal powder working on my face. Crystal powder has healing properties and when worn cleans and revitalizes the face and body. The color is ethereal. I didn’t find any amethyst luminizers, but they do have rose quartz luminizers and they look great! I usually apply luminizer on my cheeks and around my eyes. Kora Organics is certified organic by Ecocert!

11. Doctor Prescription

i love this product. “Instalady” eyeshadow palette. I like neutral shades, so I like camel, metallic brown, white, and cream eyeshadow colors. It’s a multi-finish palette, so you can mix and match one color or multiple eyeshadows. For example, you can use this eyeshadow color palette to create smokey eyes.

12. Doctor Prescription

This mascara I have been using for years. The black color is extra black and makes the lashes thicker. This product is 100% natural and 70% organic! This mascara is waterproof. A blend of proteins and antioxidants such as kale, carrots and quinoa. It definitely lasts a long time. At night, it still stays on my lashes, so I always have to wash it off at night.

13. Doctor Prescription

This is another mascara that I have been using for years. When I’m in the mood for such lashes, it makes my lashes a little lighter and thinner. Additional healthy ingredients I added to my mascara are jojoba, cucumber, aloe, beeswax and more!

14. Doctor Prescription

Physicians Formula’s Brow Gel is one of the products I have used for many years. I love all their brow products. They last all day. To remove the brow gel, you should use a makeup remover or facial cleanser. It’s long lasting. Excellent waterproof and stain resistance. However, even if it gets dirty, it can be easily wiped off the skin. I love that this product is fragrance free and paraben free.

15. Doctor Prescription

This is a really silky smooth eye primer. It glides on very easily and leaves an attractive shine. 2 colors of pink and cream are very cute. After drying, it does not get dirty easily. Hypoallergenic and made for sensitive eyes. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores.

16. Doctor Prescription

These eyeliners I have been using for years. A long-lasting eyeliner. I love black eyeliner so I usually use black the most. Drawing eyeliner is also part of “makeup design”. They make my eyes look better too.

17. Sephora

I love that this liner has a felt tip. Using eyeliner on your eyes with this felt tip liner will make you feel like an artist. Applying eyeliner will make you feel more sophisticated.

lip makeup

18. Sky Organics

I don’t use lipstick due to the lack of taste and moisture. I love these moisturizing tinted lip balms. The texture is silky smooth and the color is shimmering. They use curative and healthy ingredients like castor oil, argan oil, and coconut oil. I love how the pack comes in 4 different colors. You can wear either one according to your mood.

makeup brush

19. Eco Tools

I love these natural eyeshadow brushes. I love those handles. They are made of bamboo wood. A nice brush set. The brush is so soft on my eyes that it has a therapeutic effect.

20. Eco Tools

This is the best beauty tool I have ever owned. I was not good at applying makeup base with my fingers or a sponge. I like that the sponge sticks to the “wand”. It’s so pretty and easy to put on my makeup. It can be washed with water and soap and reused. There are 6 packs of these foam applicator brushes in the link above, but I have been using one foam brush for a while now. You should make sure to use hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria and germs.

21. Kara

i love this brush set. Comes with a travel case for convenient travel. Not only can you take it on trips, but you can also put it in your beauty case. Also, you don’t need to buy a brush his case for brushes. You can use the travel case as is. I bought these brushes because of their metallic purple color. These brushes are for the eyes. I have a brush kit for my face, but I didn’t post it in this post.

22. Sephora

I have not used this brush yet, but will do so as soon as possible. It is very thin and angled due to the specific lining of the eyes.

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