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My favorite trousers, pt. 2

You love me so will you ignore the red and orange band-aids on my ankles? This is what happens when the usual boring adult band-aids are replaced with fun tie-dyed kid’s band-aids. I can assure you.

It’s a minor injury, but let’s have fun!

It’s also those dang pants. I love them. very. We have 2 sizes in stock. So if you’re lucky, click hereIf not, I’ve linked some very good options below! Fall White Trousers: You heard it here. Probably not the first time.

(The first one linked below is what I’m wearing here. I’m a teenager. It runs small. I think it’s H&M size. Find them here!)

see white pants

And to conclude this post, my sweater is unavailable as are the heels I purchased nordstrom rack I’ve been using it for probably 10 years. I bought it at a local boutique and it’s not listed online. So I’ve linked some below. All would be great options. this is from abercrombie or this from petals + puppies.)

shop brown sweater

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