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The photo is from last year, but I just removed the extensions, so it looks like the same Kendi. 2021 Kendy = 2022 Kendy. I went through my closet, hung things up, pulled this dress and put it on.Then I remembered that we shot this dress Last September (Yeah, I’m fine like that — I remember years of dressing, years of dressing.) And looking them up, sure, this is exactly how I wear this dress Also. So why not repost the outfit? If last year was good, this year is good enough.

this amazon dress Soft as pajamas, 2020 was tough, so I deserved to wear a pajama dress last year. I felt like I needed a stretchy rayon-blend hug in the form of a dress. It still has a winner in my eyes and looks as chic as ever.i love the mock neck and it looks like a tHey we got it back with even more color options Now that everyone can go out.

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PS: Veja is still cool, that too. if you’re worried. If you weren’t worried, ok.

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