my favorite household cleaning products

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dish brush

Dish soap – good This one Dawn is also great – both available in marble.

scrub daddy sponge – for washing dishes

glass surface spray – I actually used this on carpet stains and it works! Tip learned from the builder.

disinfectant spray – Clean and safe for children and pets

microfiber clothes– I like to use these to dust and clean countertops

Marble/stone cleaner

wood floor cleaner

Collapsible cleaning bucket.

wooden floor mop

Costo Wipes – I use these multiple times a day. Not just for my kids, it cleans up minor stains, treats stains on furniture, and removes stubborn stains from floors.

magic eraser– I have many destinations. White doors, stubborn stains on white leather shoes,

Forex– Myob stain remover. I use this for furniture stains, clothing stains, and I use it to clean my sneakers and outdoor furniture.

cleaning rubber gloves– You have to protect that manicure!

shower spray – Use with this scrubber

fabric refresher

empty clear glass spray bottle – I use these labels.


wool dryer balls

Laundry Detergent – This is the most amazingly scented laundry soap.

cloth stain brush – Remove stubborn stains from clothing with a gentle brush. Don’t forget to brush with the grain of the fabric.


dyson vacuum cleaner – For hard floors and carpets/rugs/stairs

handheld vacuum – for small cleanup

little green machine – Great for stubborn stains on upholstery, rugs and carpets.

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