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My Comfortable and Easy Amazon Prime Hall

Tie Dye Cropped Tees Amazon. Shorts Not Amazon

Amazon jumpsuit. Most comfortable.

amazon tie dye slouchy tea (very soft). Walmart shorts ($10)

I loved this dress because it’s so soft, comfy and cute.

These pant areas repeat. Wearing color Navy Size: Regular Inseam 27 inches / S = US6

Amazon biker shorts – super soft. My colorway has sold out, but it may be restocked! Pullover is from my store 🙂

I love these affordable amazon leggings (I wear a size XS; my normal size for leggings is S – so I think they’re big) and crop tees. Not very soft, but very cute!

amazon Ribbed Tanks – Many Colors. I love it! Shorts are not Amazon.

cute leopard amazon tee <3

Same jumpsuit, different color. Very comfortable!

Amazon leggings and a slouchy tee. This tie-dye t-shirt is super soft.

This oversized top is comfortable and perfect for dressing up. It runs extra large.

My favorite tee from Amazon Prime!

Fast, easy, comfortable and cute.

I have received the same texts from many different friends. (paraphrased from a friend’s text: “Clothes that are comfortable but don’t look sloppy”) – Ha. But it’s true. we all think that. 🙂

Comfy is my uniform in and out of quarantine. If you haven’t followed me at @jessi_afshin, I will be posting all my affordable and realistic goodies on this IG story. Click the item above or below to purchase! I will link them all below.

I’m 5’4″ and my TTS is XS or S.


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