My 2000 Bachelorette Party Weekend Recap + vlog!!

Fashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Picnic Collectivefashionlush, bachelor party, y2k themed party

It’s been two weeks since The Bachelorette Weekend, and I can honestly say I feel completely recovered. It’s strange that months of planning and then she’s all done in three days. Maybe I’m preparing for the fact that everyone says the wedding is fleeting – it already makes me sad. A good reminder: stay in the moment.

And the moment I was there, all weekend at BACHINLUSH. I really had the best weekend ever. Friends were the most amazing group of women ever. What they did for me blew my mind. It will forever be one of my favorite memories of her. I’ve done so many bachelor’s degrees in my life and it was really cool to finally have “my turn” and it really exceeded my expectations.

I managed to vlog most of the weekend. This was really impressive considering that once you start having fun you forget all else…but you did a pretty good job and I’m so happy to share this epic weekend with all of you guys. i like this.

The vibe is honestly immaculate and really- my friend couldn’t do any better when it comes to planning the most ME weekend ever. adopted the theme of

I break down all the details below, as well as the schedule for the weekend, the ‘props’ I got, and some of the looks I rocked!

Fashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Palm Springs Bachelorette Weekend

pink tulle dress | | captain hat with veil

fashionlush, bachelor party, bachelorette weekend inspiration

detail: My Mom’s Airbrushed T-shirt (Linda, lit by ofc) | Micheladas rollin | | My mom made me a life size cutout.my dream ass cake sugar rabbit kitchen

fashion rush, bachelorette party, bridesmaids jewelry

wife necklace | | butterfly initial necklace

Bachin Rush Weekend Schedule:

♡ Friday: The girls arrived all day and we just hung out, lay by the pool and drank cocktails (each girl’s arrival drink of course!). My friend Marchelle is a great cook and she made the most delicious dinners for everyone. After that Palm she went to a private drag show in Springs. It was real HOOT. That’s right – this is when the camera is turned off. Your girl had too many blowjobs (shots)…and it definitely showed up the next day lol.

♡ Saturday: Saturday’s plan was a picnic and a Y2K-themed sleepover. We woke up, chugged water and went straight to the dog hair (much needed). Rollin made the best micheladas I’ve ever had. We had breakfast by the pool and chilled a bit before setting up a picnic. picnic collective Come out and set up the cutest picnic ever. There was champagne, croissants, cheese plates, fruit and snacks in tea cups with little flowers. It was a dreamy tea party.

My friend also set up a cute little lingerie tree. Everyone bought me lingerie, hung it on a tree (you can use a clothesline too), and then I had to guess who gave me what. It was spicy and I got to pick really cute lingerie for my wedding night and honeymoon ;).

Then my unofficial MOH Torrie surprised me Mr. Foodbrush, an airbrush artist. When I first made the plans, I was talking about how great it would be, and she said, “Very disappointed” that girlfriend “I couldn’t find anyone to come to Palm Springs.” BUT SHE DID- and it was so cool. All the girls got giant t-shirts that were airbrushed (I said “sk8er boi” lol).

That night, while having a serious 2000s movie night, all the girls had plans to dazzle in the velor sweatsuits they got in their goodie bags, but they forgot their projectors at home, and the living room was closed. There was no TV in the room, so we were done.Sipping wine, talking, taking everyone’s personality test, and honestly, it was perfect. I hadn’t spent that kind of time with friends in a long time.It was low key and very special to me.

♡Sunday: Last day. More micheladas, bagels his brunch, a final minuet by the pool and goodbye. On the way home, my college roommate (Leslie) and I braved the heat and Palm Springs Vintage Market before going home. You know she had to do some vintage shopping while your girl was in Palm Springs (best vintage ever!!).

fashionlush, bachelorette party, bachelorette party outfit

same friday night dresses (I took off the hem) | floral head scarf (Sold Out – Similar here) | white sunny found on Amazon $15♡

fashionlush, bachelor party, y2k themed party

♡we got the girls These pink velor sweatsuits &after that rhinestone kit For everyone to customize their suit. It is a cute idea that is indispensable for the year 2000 problem. Versace shield sunglasses (required)

fashionlush, bachelor party, y2k themed party

detail: my best friend had This Burn Book custom made on Etsy and brought instax camera We all got to take pictures and fill out pages – like a really fucking cute guestbook for a bachelorette weekend that I will cherish forever. girl talk game (Such an iconic game! She had to dig eBay for this bad boy), a magic 8 ball, pixie sticksWhen fluffy pen (For playing MASH of course!!)

Fashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Picnic Collective

The cutest picnic set from picnic collective– They come out and set everything up and take it apart for you! Great concept and a lot of fun at the event!

Fashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Picnic CollectiveFashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Picnic Collective

rollin We coordinated the whole picnic – it was so lovely! Best friend since 12 🙂

fashion rush, bachelorette party, bachelorette party game

Lingerie tree – such a fun idea. I loved guessing who it all came from….Until I got to the fluffy handcuffs my mother gave me

Fashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Picnic Collective


fashionlush, bachelorette party, bachelorette party outfit

baby blue Bikini from Amazon ($22- I shuddered, it was a little big for me because I thought it was small so I sized up, but it’s so cute!!) | Happy For Fun custom cowboy hat

Fashion Rush, Bachelorette Party, Palm Springs Bachelorette Weekend

Funboy Sherbet Lounger Float & Funboy Floating Drink Station (fill with rosé aid– Welcome! )

fashionlush, bachelorette party, bachelorette party outfit

Another Really Cute Amazon Bikini Set ($21!!!) with me Happy For Fun custom cowboy hat & Versace shield sunglasses

fashion rush, bachelor party, aesthetic cake

custom jelly cake sugar rabbit kitchen

fashionlush, bachelorette party, y2k party

K-It’s a BACHINLUSH rap. We all probably had the most insane time deciding we had to take a girls trip every 2-5 years. ), which is a great idea in theory.K-Thank you for joining us. XO XO

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