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Monday Thoughts – Packing, Beauty Products, Whining

Happy Monday, ladies. Today’s musings include honest stories about packaging failures, travel essential beauty essentials, and whine-encrusted ones.

breaking dawn / Lisa / Cindy / Jolin / moi / Tania

Last week, I attended a Content Creator Retreat in Nashville. Having met Tania, Jolyn and Cindy a few years ago, it was great to see them again. These gals are amazing! Lisa and Dawn have become new friends. I am very happy to finally meet them. Blogging can be a lonely and isolating job, so connecting in real life is beyond rewarding. Plus…these women are the best!

Needless to say, gatherings involving fashion bloggers are an opportunity to dress your best and wear something fun. Get ready to whine… I hurriedly packed up with a sinus change throw. I paid no attention to the location and brought only a small carry-on as usual. All These Women Made “What I Worn In The Nashville Post,” But Skip It ?

I brought straight-leg jeans, an oversized shirt, a few pairs of comfy sneakers, and an evening outfit. Cowboy Missed the note on her boot, but I honestly don’t own it. We walked a fair amount, so my feet were happy campers. I was tired and felt lucky to be there.

Most of the time I felt decidedly undressed. This is a rarity for me and a reminder to always consider where you spend your day when deciding what to wear.

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Anyway… I may have packed the wrong clothes, but I had the skincare and beauty products right.

One morning, while we were chatting over coffee, I asked the hotties to share their must-have Amazon beauty products for travel. It is as follows −

Tania cracked me up when she grabbed this full size La Roche Possey Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream Bottle. She pumped some on my arm. Apparently, she checked her bags and drove to Nashville, so there were no luggage restrictions for her.

Q-TIPS on the go

Jolin really like This swab pack, The perfect amount for travel! I think I will replenish the package next time as well.

she also travels with this portable jewelry cleaner Look like a genius! She likes this idea because jewelry is one of those things she can’t clean on the go.


Cindy swear this Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Case, especially when you are traveling in a campervan. 13 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, or 22 inches he comes in 27 colors.

Lisa I have gorgeous hair and never travel without it Hot Tools One Step Hair DryerI found her using it. I don’t have enough hair to wrap around this dryer.

driver shower cap

breaking dawn i love this driver shower capThe outer shell keeps your hair dry and the terry cloth liner absorbs the moisture from the steam.

she loves it too Plush Velvet Travel Jewelry CaseI have similar shapes, but none as beautiful.

There are some beauty items that I always have on hand and cannot give up, but my current favorite is this essence.

purito fermented essence

I’m so happy with the way this makes my skin feel that I bought a small travel bottle to decant for travel. That may not seem like a long time, but for me it’s a very long time since I try new things and switch products often.

latest books

Just in time for holiday shopping, my brother’s latest book is out!

jack through time

He writes adventure novels for junior high school students. This is a time travel to the era of Jack the Ripper, complete with positive role models, sinister villains, and historically accurate details.

That’s it for this Monday. Most bloggers I know are starting their holiday gift guides this week. I would love to be organized that way, but I hope it doesn’t work out later in the week ?

thank you for reading. Make sure you dress in a way that makes you feel confident.

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