Molly’s New Haircut!!!! – Ali Manno (Fedotowski)

Oh my god, I can’t forget how cute Molly’s new haircut is! Seriously, this girl was made for short hair! Kevin took her in for a cut this morning but she was really hesitant and didn’t want to get it cut. I only cut it, but she liked the cut so much that she asked me to cut it short.

New hair needs new clothes to match her new confidence! I got these clothes last week with the intention of doing this post sometime this week, but as soon as I got home from my haircut she insisted on doing a fashion show with her new clothes .I’m here. I put this together today when she got home so please excuse the typos. I got back to school clothes for almost all of my kids from Walmart. I think the options in this blog post today are kid-friendly in the sense that they’re really comfortable, easy to put on, and functional to play with. looks good together. As a parent, I have to admit that I had a really hard time getting my kids dressed. Like I didn’t know how to get this cute outfit to look good every day when I sent it to school. I am buying for But I think I finally understand some things!

collared shirt

collared shirt For victory! There’s something about a colored shirt that just transforms her outfit from her playsuit into her school outfit, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think much of this. A child is a child who can wear what they want, but for some strange reason I’m sure this is something weird going on in my brain. It’s my feeling does anyone else relate to it?And when my little ones wear cute colored shirts, they just look adorable! Nearly every outfit they’re wearing in this post has colored shirts. french toast white button upAt $12.50, it’s perfect for fall and winter. Not only can you layer it under a sweater, but it’s also very cute on its own!molly is wearing these cute plaid dress to school a lot. linked hereI got a few DMs for inquiries. her peter pan collared shirt Below is and this is it.

1. peter pan shirt | | 2. blue shorts | | 3. zip up boots

In these pictures blue wonder nation skater skirt Only $8.98. The little bow detail on the front is so pretty and with the shorts underneath, this piece is perfect for play! You can’t beat the price!bought four skirt/skort2 navy and 2 khaki.

and how cute these bootsThey are a little big on Molly now but she has grown into them over the winter and they are under $20!Sizes range from 13 to size 6 for big kids. Molly is just about size 13 now.

pants comparison

Riley’s outfit is interesting as it compares two pants with vastly different prices.Initially free assembling pair Boys pants range from size 4 to size 18. $18The second pair of pants worn by Riley in this post is $18.98 for two pairs, so they’re basically half the price and very similar.Both are great but to be honest free he says he uses Wonder Nation for this pair unless he really needs a specific blue color for the assembly pants A 2 pack in my opinion because the quality feels very similar and you get more value. I love the pocket shape Free assembly blue pants The brand is earth-friendly and focuses on sustainability. The Wonder Nation pants (pictured next) are more true to size than the Free Assembly, the blue ones he wears underneath. So you don’t have to worry about increasing the size to grow.

1. molly’s top | | 2. Molly’s skort | | 3. Riley’s shirt | | 4. Riley’s pants | | 5. riley shoes

fake layer

why i love this next costume It looks like two layers, but since it’s just one, it’s easy to get ready in the morning! And the quality is very good! Available in sizes 4 to 18 and plus size. Only $15.98Also, Molly loves this top because it’s so comfortable to wear. She hates materials that feel itchy in any way on her skin and this one has a really fuzzy fleece-like interior and she loves the feel of it. You can leave it off.children’s tunicSo it really is to your liking!Plus I love it because I never put my shirt inside after using the toilet at school this top It seems to be hidden on purpose ?

1. trainer | | 2. leggings | | 3. boots

And of course, don’t forget leggings!This 3-pack from Wonder Nation comes in a variety of color options.Only $13.44 for all 3 pairs. That’s $4.50 for the pair. And we’ve had this pair for over a year and they still look brand new and to be honest I’m afraid Walmart doesn’t carry them anymore since he bought them a year ago But I think they always have them in can also get five pack There are a few more printing options if you want something more fun. But black leggings are a must.

this dress

And last but not least, my favorite of both Molly’s and Riley’s outfits is Molly’s absolutely adorable dress and Riley’s cute outfit and the wonder I was telling you It’s a pair of Nation pants, and it’s $18 for a two-pack.

let’s start with molly dressIt comes in sizes 4 through 18 and also comes in a gray version for $ love love this dress It’s the one piece you throw in and it just looks so cute and put together! And from these pictures you can see how happy Molly was wearing it. It was the first thing she wore when she got home from school! Seriously get this dress for your little one.

1. molly dress | | 2. molly leggings | | 3. Riley’s best | | 4. rileys top | | 5. Riley’s pants | | 6. Riley’s boots

Half off pants!

And Riley’s beloved outfit! As I mentioned, this pants Very similar to the blue Free Assembly one in the first outfit in this post, but almost identical. half! Additionally, the knees are reinforced for fun play.check out review Because I’m not the only one who loves these for kids!

In fact, I don’t think Riley talked about this in his first outfit, but his shirt with collar It’s by Wonder Nation and you can get it $8.50 for 2 shirts. That is correct! Shirt $4.25. I have purchased multiple of these for him for school. In all different colors! You can’t beat the price.It has over 100 positive reviews and is highly recommended to read.It looks nice and clean when you send your kids/children to school in the morning.

Whenthis vest!!!!! So cute. I love boys in cute vests. I’m all about those fall layers!

1. Riley’s best | | 2. rileys top | | 3. Riley’s pants | | 4. Riley’s boots

and you may recognize these shoes Molly wore them in my last post about children’s clothing. they are cute!

And it’s because he’s so cute. Here are some pics of him without a vest. And Molly in the background ? Ha!

1. rileys top | | 2. Riley’s pants | | 3. Riley’s boots

“cool” jacket

Some last-minute honorable mentions… one this jacket Kevin claimed Riley had one even though it didn’t fit his size. Ha! I think she’s very cute, so she made a little argument. Kevin likes the jacket so much that he might try to order the largest kid’s size of this so he can order it. increase. It may sound weird, but I feel like kids jackets always look a little ‘uncool’ for lack of a better term. Ha! And I love this! Furthermore, the lining is 100% recycled polyester! I love how Free Assembly cares about sustainability, so I try to support the brand at Walmart whenever I can.

riley jacket


And, very last but not least riley cowboy bootsEver since we moved here he has wanted to throw a cowboy themed birthday party and has insisted on wearing cowboy boots almost all the time. Not always, but often. You see me posting a lot about it. These really cute boots come in sizes 7-12. Riley wears a size 12. under $20 And it has great reviews!

riley cowboy boots

All right, that’s it! Molly must want to do a gig later! She loves it so much and seeing how much she loves it makes my heart so happy!