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Modern Bouquet 2021: Floral Trends and Styles

Modern Bouquet 2021: Floral Trends and Styles

What do you imagine when someone says “luxury bouquet”? An armful of red roses, or glittering sequins and decorative butterflies? Zero chic has been replaced by modern compositions in a natural and deliberately sloppy style.

Floral trends for 2021.

The world has captured the desire for all things natural and minimal, and floristry is no exception.Modern bouquets consist of an equal number of colors and greens (but no more than three species). Most often they are low and bulky, like the wrong shape, which gives them a special charm.

Another important rule is never to use more than three shades in one composition. However, green is added very generously to emphasize the connection with nature.

Today, people appreciate convenience, so such bouquets are always compact and tightly packed, requiring more flowers to achieve normal volume.

Naturalness is especially welcome in the 2021 floral trend. Modern bouquets are often wrapped in kraft paper, twine, fabric, jute, cotton lace or left without a wrapper. Firstly, such wrapping does not distract attention from the flowers, and secondly, it is environmentally friendly.

Types of bouquets and styles for 2021.

classic bouquet – round, triangular, flowing, asymmetrical – any shape is acceptable in this genre, united by slight slackness and rich greenery.

hat box – Small, minimalist bouquets can be better assembled than vases or kraft cardboard boxes that require no additional care.

cup and plate – Fans of very original simplicity have solved the problem of wrapping and bulky vases and collected fresh cut flowers in cups and deep plates. looks good. Now you can find such bouquets in almost any container that can hold water.

What kind of flowers are used in the bouquet?

Almost all types. Roses, anemones, kohl, delphiniums, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, tulips, red roses…

Of course, florists try to add wildflowers: matiola, eryngium, leucadendron, dry spike rye, lotus and cotton box. The imagination of the creator is limitless, and the bouquet can consist of both ordinary austrum and roses. Framed with anthurium, hydrangea or callas splendor.

You can practice making your own modern bouquets, but to avoid being at a disadvantage, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Where can I buy it in New York?

If you live in New York City and want to buy fresh cut flowers from a professional, you can go directly to a Plant Shed store or order online.

by the way, PlantShed has the best flowers in NYC and proudly offers Free Same Day NYC Flower Delivery & Manhattan Delivery For orders over $100.

Send your fiancé or mother a surprise bouquet, order flowers for Valentine’s Day, send flowers for your birthday, or order any kind of holiday bouquet. So maybe it’s your chance to say “I’m sorry” or send her a gorgeous modern bouquet to show her how you feel.

Stay healthy and take care of your loved ones!

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