Minimalist makeup collection of 5 minutes makeup

Simple routine and minimalist makeup collection

Want to save time getting ready every morning? Read on to discover how to get a minimalist makeup routine with our minimalist makeup collection!

Minimizing the number of beauty products in your makeup bag is a great way to save money. Not only that, just like implementing a capsule wardrobe, a minimalist makeup collection will save you a lot of prep time. How do I know? Well, I used to be a girl with a makeup bag just for eyeshadow. rice field.

Does this sound familiar? Are you spending too much time preparing? Looking for a way to get more time back into your routine so you can enjoy more time away from the mirror with your family?

Since wearing less makeup and sticking to a five minute makeup routine, I can honestly say that not only have I saved time and money, but my skin has never looked better. This could be because my skin isn’t constantly adjusting to new products and can actually breathe!

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skin care routine

Looking for an evening skincare routine? This is the exact routine I follow every nightThis has been my routine for over a year now and it leaves my skin clear and glowing, especially when paired with the minimalist makeup collection in this post!

Advantages of the minimalist makeup collection

  • save time

Having a set list of products that you use on a regular basis not only reduces the time you spend preparing, but also potentially reduces the time you spend replenishing products when they run out or need to be replaced. Since implementing my minimalist makeup collection, I now have some of my favorite products. It’s very easy to go online and reorder when you run out of stock. No more wasting time looking for the perfect shade or product type for your needs. You know exactly what you need and can easily reorder at any time.

  • Save money with minimalist makeup

The financial savings are huge when it comes to minimizing makeup. Not only will you buy fewer products, but you will shop less often. A core collection of products that you use regularly cuts down on unnecessary spending on “trending” items that you end up rarely using.

Sticking to the same products year after year also makes beauty purchases more intentional. there is no. Having cosmetics that you know and love can save you a lot in the long run.

  • less stress

When it comes to reducing the physical items I own, such as clothing and cosmetics, I am often reminded of the phrases “Less is More” and “More Things, More Problems.” These sayings are so true! Less makes everything so much easier, especially when it comes to preparation. Doing a five minute makeup routine will get you through the day much longer.

  • healthier skin

Like I said before, my minimalist makeup collection has given my skin a new glow! I’m sure my skin will be happier if I use a consistent set of fewer products. I no longer have to worry about new products potentially causing breakouts.

Plus, it ages automatically because all your layered makeup settles into fine lines after a few hours. Remember, less is more (youthful!)


Products from the minimalist makeup collection

These are the products that I use for my daytime makeup. I use this palette for eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter when I need a little extra for a special event. It took me several years to put together the perfect minimalist makeup collection for my skin type.


A good concealer is a must these days, especially for sleep-deprived moms! My Holy Grail Concealer IT By Buy Under Eye concealer. My 5 minute routine always starts with this concealer. It provides full coverage without feeling soothing and heavy.Apply a few small dots on the inner eye and a few on the outer eye too towards the end of the brow line and blend with the edge of the concealer This IT brush

Minimalist Makeup Collection Tips: Apply a few drops of this concealer to your eyelids and your eyes will instantly brighten up, revealing fake eyeshadow in a pinch!


Brow pencil for minimalist makeup

Brow makeup may seem subtle, but our brows surround our eyes and define our look, so the correct brow shape and color are essential to a minimalist makeup routine. Therefore, it has a great impact on your overall appearance.

Some days I only use my eyebrows in my daily routine. The only eyebrow pencil I use is Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof Pencil, I’m using shade 3. There is a spindle that is a lifesaver for smoothing out thick lines!



Eyeliner is a staple in my minimalist makeup collection.just a little liquid liner, eyes widen and appear to be awake. My lashes are thin and sparse, so using eyeliner makes them look fuller and longer. I have oily skin and a little hood on my eyelids, so I use e-liquids. In both of these situations, we found that waterproof liquid liners lasted the longest.

minimal makeup collection



Another essential ingredient in my makeup routine is mascara. My lashes are very sparse, so this helps make my eyes really pop! A must to avoid the “looking tired” comment.

i am using this mascara I have been using it for over 10 years. This is a quick application that delivers a lot of volume in a few swoops.

I tried it recently under the influence of Lancome Sil Booster Primer & Lancome Lash Idol Mascara This was great and really added a lot of dimension to my tiny lashes! Sadly the Lancôme set takes a little longer to apply. However, to get wow factor lashes, you have to be patient with the application to ensure all lashes are covered. Recommended for those who have plenty of time in the morning!


foundation with SPF

For perfect lightweight coverage, my go-to foundation has always been bareMinerals loose powder. I’ve been into it since high school and have been wearing it ever since. No other foundation compares to this for me and my skin type. The added SPF is a big bonus!


Bronzer from the minimalist makeup collection

Clean up in the morning if you have time Bronzer in this palette Under the cheekbones and at the hairline. This brand is new to me and I love everything about this palette and use it all when I have time and need makeup.


5 minute makeup routine

This is the order I follow to apply the above products.

  1. Apply concealer to the inside of the eye and the outside of the eyelid
  2. apply foundation all over face
  3. fill in eyebrows
  4. Create mini cat eyes with liquid eyeliner*
  5. apply mascara
  6. Add bronzer if desired

*Do not apply eyeliner to the entire eyelid. I go about 1/3 from the outside of the lid and draw a line past the edge of the lid line towards the brow. If that makes sense! It’s very easy and there are many YouTube videos for this tutorial. It won’t take long, I promise!

minimalist makeup collection



minimalist makeup collection

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