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Miles Teller jokes that he ‘grown a mustache’ for ‘Top Gun’ while Tom Cruise ‘did his own stunts’ on ‘SNL’

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Miles Teller Things are going well after the release of Top Gun: Maverick Back in May — and, of course, the movie was mentioned in saturday night liveIn his first ever gig hosting the legendary Weekend Sketch program, Miles took the stage and cast his role as Lt. I was using it. tom cruise.

Miles Teller Monologue! #SNL Premier pic.twitter.com/NnI5dnr9Ku

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) October 2, 2022

“This year, I starred in a movie called Top Gun: Maverick. What I love about this movie is that it seems to really bring people together — so it’s not every day you get a movie that is loved by the military community and the gay community,” says Miles. joked while introducing the 48th season. whipping The actor made no secret of the fact that the hosting assignment was an honor — similar sentiments he expressed about appearing together. risky business Legendary Tom.

Miles Teller in the “SNL” opening monologue. (NBC)

“It worked. It was also great to work with Tom Cruise. That guy is a legend. We pushed ourselves to our absolute limits for this film…he was himself.” I did the stunt and I grew a mustache myself,” he added.

Miles Teller Miles Teller in “Top Gun: Maverick”. (Everett Collection)

Miles has previously spoken out about what it was like to be in the movie with Tom.

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