Miles Richie — Men’s Fashion Post

Miles Richie may be the son of famous musician Lionel Richie, but he has more than just being part of a celebrity dynasty. “I want to be seen as not just a ‘son of’ or a ‘brother of,'” he says. “I want to establish my own identity” I have established my identity as a model, actor, tattoo lover and romanticist.

Miles signed with Wilhelmina Models and walked his first runway show at New York Fashion Week 2018. A runway show featuring the designer’s Philipp Plein creations, indoor snow, real robots, and then-runway rave reviews. Miles wore a futuristic black pleather his coat and showed off a well-trimmed beard and a dazzling array of tattoos. Miles said Philip he may not have been the first Richie to walk for Plain. His sister, model Sophia Richie, has walked for Plain’s shows in New York and Cannes. But he certainly made an impression. Miles, he says, loves fashion because it gives him the opportunity to travel, which is what he loves most in the world.

He is also famous for having tattoos. Miles’ most famous ink is probably the “KJ” lettering on Kendall Jenner’s hand carved when he was a teenager. But it’s far from his only body art: Miles estimates he’s spent more than 150 hours in the Tattoo Chair at this point, with a giant Buddha face on his back, the names of his father and sisters, and a ‘bone’ on his neck. I got an incredible collection of inks that include the words “True Love”. And he’s still excited for more tattoos to come.

We had the chance to talk to Miles about his life, his passions, and what excites him about his future.