Chic Belly Dancer: Tiger Print Stockings and Beaded Headdress – Gucci
Image credit Milan Fashion Week and Vogue

In contrast to London Fashion Week and its subdued mood, Milan Fashion Week was vibrant and vibrant, with the Italian fashion industry aiming to celebrate its highest earnings. so far, in 2022. An ambitious line-up of legendary Italian stalwarts and some exciting newcomers for what is arguably the most influential fashion event on the fashion calendar, unrivaled, limitless and outrageously extravagant luxury I watched one show after another. Boy, we’re still reeling from all that glitz and glamour… A few It’s been a dizzying event!

How to stay buoyant in all doom and darkness! at Moschino

There were many trends on tap at the show. Above all, it’s a celebration of the body and exposed skin, a trend that’s been making the rounds over the past few seasons. Sticking to the meaty trend on display – cleavage, fringe, cutouts, transparent clothing, and body-hugging Lycra also continued to make an appearance. It has played an important role in many collections (Prada, Moschino, Versace, etc.). This is perhaps a somewhat unconventional trend for the spring-summer season, traditionally dominated by bright colors and pastels. Skye her blue, one of the season’s key colors, continued to captivate us, as did tangerine, ocher, lavender and sunshine her yellow. Sensual beige and nude were also seen everywhere.

With so many choices on offer, our fashion genes are seriously overheated and we’ve had to be brutal in our choices when it comes to what to cut! Put on your headphones (remember being in the front row?), put on your earphones, watch, listen, dream and enjoy! Be sure to have a notepad handy.

Emporio Armani’s Softest Pastel Beads


Maverick designer Jeremy Scott has gone all out for Moschino. At first glance, it may look like a pool or a beach party, but there’s much more… says the designer, we’re surrounded by doom and gloom, cost of living crises, fuel prices, wars… we’re I’m in turmoil, I feel like I’m drowning and I need help! So a rubber duck as an accessory, a little red heart with a nozzle as a decoration of a little black dress, a trench with a raft handle his coat, a lilo as a stole, a pool his floaty as a headdress or a shawl And so on, with all the inflatable details of many pieces. If buoyancy and stability are what you’re craving right now, this collection is for you! The easy-going, tongue-in-cheek Moschino signature, Moschino is as beautifully tailored and infinitely alluring as ever. Bring stormy seas!

See the Moschino Spring/Summer 2023 show here:

Nautical theme – Moschino

Inflatable heart and pumping red bag – Moschino

Rainbow Fish Sleeve – Moschino

Lilos like a swan becomes an elegant accessory – Moschino

Sunshine Yellow Float – Moschino

Inflatable heart pumping with nozzle – Moschino

Flamingo charm – Moschino

Inflatable Hat – Moschino

Nautical-inspired suit with life-saving headdress – Moschino

Buoyant Hemline – Moschin

Heart-shaped inflatable neckline and hem – Moschino

Mermaid dress with suspicious belt friends – Moschino

Fishtail dress and beach toys for staying buoyant – Moschino


Alessandro Michele has literally doubled Gucci. In a collection entitled “Gucci Twinsburg” (Twinsburg, Ohio, by the way, is home to the largest gathering of identical twins each year), identical twins showcased their unique “new” Gucci. did. Director of Gucci 2015.

In a mirror that amplifies, doubles, triples and quadruples everything, identical twin models walk hand in hand, showing solidarity, from China to Mexico, West Africa to India, Introduced clothes from the four corners of the earth.Leopard-print tights, cowboy boots, oversized jackets, and tribal headgear were featured at the show. that’s all Gucci that can pull it off.

See Gucci’s SS 2023 Show here:

Boxy Jacket and Festive Pants – Gucci

A ruffled royal purple ensemble combined with leopard print and python – Gucci

Twin sea green printed organza suit – Gucci

80s-inspired glitter embellishment on these boxy jackets – Gucci

Round Neck and Panama Hat – Gucci

Think Scheherazade!Floating nude dress and animal print stockings – Gucci

West African prints – Gucci

Slash Pinstripe Trousers and Boxy Jacket – Gucci

Translucent dirty blue pleated ensemble – Gucci

West African print meets zebra print – Gucci

Boxy 80s jacket paired with stretchy leather pants – Gucci


Miuccia Prada and co-director Raf Simons showed off a pared-down version of what was pretty minimalist a season ago, with even more stripped-down stuff. Collection’s Miuccia Prada said:There is a sense of vitality in women… Life and humanity make clothes. It leaves a living imprint rather than a superficial decoration.Ideas for clothing shaped by humanity excite us” Naked truth? The gray dress has no frills or straps, just a piece of cloth covering the body. Likewise, the gray one has no seemingly trade-off features – simple, wearable, and understated. , scarves, accessories, etc., and coats with nothing underneath. Likewise, a sleeveless shift dress that seems ‘fixed’, as if it were a work in progress. The rest of us can easily pick up and personalize these pieces – perhaps that’s what the design duo suggests?)

Check out Prada’s Spring/Summer 2023 show here.

Simple gray satin dress, ‘pinned’ top – Prada

Intentionally Unfinished Sleeves – At Prada

The simplicity of this chartreuse coat with two minimalist buttons – Prada

Petticoat peeking out from under a blue dress – Prada

Ripped hem with a slit – Prada

A simple corsage adorns this white ensemble – Prada

Pair down simple coat with oversized peter pan collar – Prada

Emporio Armani

With Armani-wearing stars and influencers taking the front row at the highly anticipated Armani show, the anticipation was palpable. The Armani silhouette and spirit that we have come to love and expect over the decades has always been there. From the press release, “Strong influences of non-Western cultures…He uses elements inspired by distant peoples and interprets them in his signature style. African, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Arabic, Syrian, Polynesian are some of the places that inspired our designers.” Bejeweled bouffant skirts and gowns, and signature raglan shoulder tailoring have become synonymous with this classic brand worn by androgynous-looking statuesque models, and why Emporio Armani is a legend. It reminded me of what it is. Soft His Lavender and Leaf His Green combination is a winner, with other soft gem-like color options on display.

Check out the Emporio Armani show here.

Sea green dress with sequins – Emporio Armani

Effortlessly glamorous with Emporio Armani’s all-in-one ensemble

A quintessential Armani look – Emporio Armani

Delicate and sophisticated – Emporio Armani

Gemstone shades of this ensemble and cummerbund – Emporio Armani

Awesome Armani!at Emporio Armani

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta Ferretti has always demonstrated the ultimate in elegance, sensuality and femininity. She is a magician of fluffy and transparent organdy and chiffon, and this time she also added raffia. The floor-swept exotic gown was a standout piece in a collection that used Ferretti’s expertise to create classic silhouettes quintessentially of the night. Juxtaposed, cut-outs, asymmetry and rhinestones made for a collection beyond the dream. Of course, it is also the island of Capri in Italy.

See the Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 2023 show here.

Fiery orange and greedily striking – by Alberta Ferretti

Greek sky blue dress with drapes and lots of skin – Alberta Ferretti

Rhinestone embroidery and raffia – Alberta Ferretti

Fluffy creations in sage green – Alberta Ferretti

Fishnet Pants and Bare Midriff – by Alberta Ferretti

Empire Line Gown in Softest Apricot and Peach – Alberta Ferretti

Coral and Burnt Orange Classic Silhouette – Alberta Ferretti

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