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Theater and theater – at Andrés Sarda

Madrid held the show. The fashion offered by the supremely stylish Spanish capital has proven to be one of his standout fashion weeks on the global calendar to date.

In mid-September 2022, the 76th edition of Madrid Fashion Week, frenetic, glitzy and simply frenetic, saw 41 designers (10 of them up-and-coming talent) presenting outstanding collections. Seen at one idiosyncratic fashion week. Historically, Spanish fashion weeks have always fascinated with their daring and exuberance, but the Spring/Summer collection we offer now literally shimmies spring on the spot!

there were trend plenty!If he has one most important trend to represent Madrid Fashion Week, it is Glamour Uppercase “G”. Designers couldn’t resist the urge to create dreamy ball gowns, exquisite lingerie, and other fantastically luxurious pieces. For starters, all things glitter and metallic appeared in many collections. Dramatic and dramatic styles, many of the collections are extravagantly designed with tiered ruffles, sculpted sleeves and exaggerated collars, while others are boldly asymmetrical and richly embellished with the most sumptuous feathers, lace and tulle. It was. All very tasty!

A raspberry pink cutout dress has a classic vibe – by Custo Barcelona

Many collections showcased avant-garde creations and stunning sculptural silhouettes. The sheer fabric trend seen at other fashion weeks in 2022 was still alive and well in Madrid. It featured feminine and romantic lingerie-inspired pieces juxtaposing corsets and structured ball gowns. !

When it comes to colour, the boldness, vibrancy and effervescence found in these collections are unrivaled. From shocking pinks to tropical tangerines, eye-popping neons, sensual nudes, and Virginia whites, we unabashedly use deep, saturated hues. Some pastels also became part of the designer’s palette of colors. The prints themselves (with the exception of some animal prints and tartan checks) were not very distinctive, dominated by monotones and block colors.

there was a lot outstanding collection In an already exceptional line-up. Andrew SardaA stunning collection featuring exquisite lingerie and theatrical shapes, it was arguably one of the shows with the greatest ‘wow’ factor! A collection by the equally legendary Spanish brand. barcelona cost When Lola Casademunt by Mayte was exceptional.

Take a seat and enjoy the crazy colors, divine designs, and endless joy of our favorite collections. introduce the trend of But words cannot describe the boundless joy and gaiety of Madrid Fashion Week. Sit back and soak. Vibes! Oh, and we’ve also assigned some of our ultimate favorite live and digital shows.

clock RedondoShow here:

clock Palomas Ares‘ show here:

clock in Montenegro show here:

clock Ulysses MeridaShow here:

Influence of the Moulin Rouge – at Andrés Sardat

outstanding collection

1. Andrés Sarda

A tribute to the golden age of the big screen, Andres Sarda’s Spring/Summer 2023 show cinema It features a diva in a black and white gown, portraying the glamorous and ultra-elegant era of black and white cinema. The collection proceeds to depict his documentary of avant-garde art, skillfully combining geometric shapes and volumes and painterly colors reminiscent of artists like Miró. The next genre is musical. red mill When Cat, Luxurious fabrics such as fluffy lace, tulle, and satin are used abundantly. Next is the world of fantasy movies with fairy tale princesses and witches. We absolutely loved all of the fun and flirty, glamor and fantasy. This collection showcases many of his SS trends for 2023. Welcome to Spring/Summer 2023!

clock Andres Saldes‘ display here:

A touch of fairy tales – Andrés Sardá

Shapes and shades in the style of Milo – Andrés Sardá

Fairy Tale Princesses by Andrés Sarda

Catwoman! – By Andrés Sarda

Painting Inspiration – By Andrés Sarda

Milo Mobile Atwork?by Andrés Sarda

2. Barcelona costs

A highly respected and successful brand, Custo Barcelona has stunned the catwalks with its innovative designs and risqué fabrics. These aren’t pieces for the shy wallflower! Gives you great looking skin. Supple, feminine and vibrant, this collection screams joy, fun, spring and summer. Colorful jacquard fabrics, metallics and shimmering seasonal colors of sapphire, sky blue, orange topaz, tourmaline fuchsia, citrine yellow, amethyst purple, diamond white and onyx black are available for bikinis, micro, mini and maxi dresses and oversized pants. , tiny tops. Everything is so evocative, so Spanish, so hilarious – a collection for confident women who know how to live life to the fullest!

clock barcelona costShow here:

Amazing lines, metallics and branded straps in this asymmetric creation – Custo Barcelona

Sky blue metallic – Custo Barcelona

Pop art goes well with sunshine yellow – Custo Barcelona


The Spring/Summer 2023 collection of legendary Spanish brand Lola Casamunt by Maite is as imaginative as a dream. Fuchsias, oranges, mauve, gold, zebra prints, jacquards, studs, pleats, sequins that give things the finishing touch… All in all, one of the outstanding collections that perfectly symbolizes spring and summer, this is SS 2023. I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

clock Lola Casademunt by MayteShow here:

Metallic glamor in this one-shoulder gown – Laura Casademund of Maite

The pleated simplicity of this column dress – Laura Casademund of Maite

Magic and sparkle!At Laura Casademund in Mayte

Tropical zebra print spotlights May colorways – Lola Casademunt by Maite

Trend, trend, trend!

Trend spotters marveled at the different interpretations of the new season’s trends. In general, the pieces were beautifully composed and impeccably tailored, with robust classics reinvented, coquettish cocktail dresses and dreamy ball gowns adorning many collections. Do you know something about spring-summer that we don’t? …do they foresee endless festivities?) Shimmering metallics, sparkling sequins, sumptuous lace, tulle and feathers Sculptural silhouettes and avant-garde shapes were seen in many products, as was a trend of transparency. All the neon was in sight, brightly glowing block color hues of primary reds, blues and greens, as well as this season’s coveted shades of shocking pink, tangerine orange, chartreuse, lavender and sky blue.

1. Metallic, shimmer and sparkle magpie

Cheeky Little Cocktail Dress in Molten Metallic – Maison Mesa

Crushed Silver Metallic Foil Skirt – Fely Campo

Column dress with a twist on Red Hot Rust – Hannibal Laguna

Metallic Sculpture Artwork by David Moss

Metallic Aqua Dress with Strategic Cutouts – Pedro del Hierro

60’s Inspired Little Sheath Dress – In Redondo

Foyle gets the psychedelic treatment – ​​Felix Ramiro

Elegance and comfort in this stunning coral tunic dress by Odette Alvarez

This asymmetrical two-piece silver foil pleat – Corsicana

Silver metallic boots complete this vintage-inspired dress – Pilar Dalba

2. Ruffles, feathers and festive tulle

Layers of gorgeous ruffles in this dreamy tulle gown – by Duyos

A feathery fringe embellishment softens this pretty little strappy dress – Odette Alvarez

This festive ensemble of layers of sunshine yellow tulle – Maria Lafuente

White lingerie pairs beautifully with a fairytale hot pink tulle skirt – Andres Sarda

3. Fetishes & Fun: Show off some awesome meat!

Corsets, cutouts and clever slits – Rafael Urquizar

Black Lycra sleeves and pearls complement a bare Virginia White ensemble – Andres Sarda

Fantasy Feather and Head Mask – Claro Couture

Who needs a skirt with sleeves like this? At Hannibal Laguna

Strategic Star – in Mush

Exquisite surface design and most alluring cut of this elegant one-piece swimsuit – Dolores Cortez

Roman vibes in these sizzling gold hotpants and sheath tunic ensembles – Maison Mesa

4. sculptural and statuesque

Asymmetry, dapper feathers and gladiator boots create a striking combination – Malne

A sculptural ballet pink shawl adds to the charm of this statuesque ensemble – in Redondo

Sculptural!at Ulises Merida

Futuristic shoulders and a lavender headscarf pair perfectly – Alvaro Calafat

Sculptural metallic cobalt blue dress with stunning proportions – Isabel Sanchis

Sculpture-like proportions!by David Moss

Delicately cut buttercup dress with classic Greek overtones – Duarte

Gold satin and plush hem in this elegant Empire line cocktail dress – Maison Mesa

5. The coveted color cue

Neon and race!Fresh, delicate and a wonderful combination – Maria Lafuente

Sophisticated charming elegant for the hostess with “mostess”!in Raphael Urquizar

Get 60s nostalgia with this little psychedelic mini dress and metallic boots – Odette Alvarez

Rainbow shades in this painterly suit – by Felix Ramiro

Inspired Color Combo – Ulises Merida

Sophisticated play in this sizzling pink and red suit – in Redondo

6. And Cinderella intention go ball!

Dreamy fantasy gown in salmon pink satin with stunning sequin detail – Hannibal Laguna

Bridal inspired virginal white satin gown with striking floral skirt and train – Hannibal Laguna

Lavender satin and gorgeous folds on all legs!at Hannibal Laguna

Coral pink roses cover the essentials! – In Hannibal Laguna

The fluffy organza piece is finished with an asymmetrical metallic belt – Alvaro Calafato

voluminous old gold ball gown with padded cape – Roberto Diz

Fantastic sparkly gown – Fely Campo

Roses, roses, roses!One of the most romantic ball gowns on the show – Hannibal Laguna