“Men’s Wardrobe Design”

If you think menswear doesn’t have a broad classification, you obviously don’t need a lot of design. Then underestimate that kind of men. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Fewer classifications for menswear makes designing more difficult as new designs have to be created with limited classes.

Let’s start with the classification of men’s fashion – shirts (classic, sleeveless, oxford button downs, dress shirts, Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts), pants (dressy pants or trousers, baggy pants, cargo pants, jeans), shorts. (Bermuda or Boxer, Khaki and Safari), Suits (Formal, Sporty Suits, Casual Suits, Two Piece Suits, Three Piece Suits), Traditional Wear.

As you can see, it’s not even a quarter of the women’s clothing category. Designing for men becomes really difficult because there isn’t much styling or recreation that can be done.

So the situation for me as a designer is that you have to go out and try something different and convince people that sometimes it adds your personality. Or you might just explore your own mind and really come up with different designs to add to your styling without altering the look of your clothes. Or you’re left with the only option of not styling too much and serving your customers with your usual design. So, as we said above, men need more design elements to make their styling stand out.

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