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Men’s Fashion ~ Not a Creative Field

“Women are fashionable but men are not” is popular. But you are wrong. A concept derived from the presumption that men dress only for comfort and functionality, not for style or fashion.

Unfortunately, and quite inaccurately, fashion-minded men are considered by many to be “peculiar” and perhaps even decadent. Make a big impact. In the emerging world of capitalism and political democracy, menswear has been heavily influenced by the corporate cultures of multinational corporations that value the look and image of their workforce.

Over time, men’s fashion has become more individualized, following current trends and differentiating the market based on lifestyle, personality, and attitude. , music channels and fashion icons.

Color is a major attribute of men’s fashion.The most commonly worn colors used in men’s clothing are the cool range of blues, earthy browns, smoky grays, shades of green, and neutrals. In general, the colors used in menswear are more conservative, emphasizing masculinity and objectivity.

Menswear fabrics are typically stiffer, more masculine and formal compared to womenswear. This is because the needs of the two markets are very diverse. That said, there are times when we seem to share and incorporate ideas from each other.

Shirt fabric is lightweight. They are typically cotton, linen, and blends of synthetic and natural fibers. Suit and trouser fabrics are heavier and are usually blended for the desired quality and comfort. Casual wear garments are often made of fabrics such as canvas, gabardine, and denim.

But with today’s generation’s increase in formal work and personal time, the distinction between formal and personal time for men is blurring. Therefore, fabrics such as linen and fine cotton are trending and being used. These fabrics provide comfort, flexibility, air absorption and can be used for long hours of work.

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