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HBCU Apparel 2021

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) were the first institutions of higher education to support black students who were not allowed elsewhere. Many notables occupy these campuses, colleges and universities, deliberately building an infrastructure that allows future generations to exist without limits.

And those generations have developed their own unique environments with music, customs, literature, and of course dress codes.
We are proud to introduce HBCU’s apparel brand, Legacy History Pride.

Based on our African American cultural roots, we created clothing for the HBCU community. Just to show their heritage and be themselves in the sorority and at work.

The brand owner Mr. Legacy wrote:
Since the age of 12, I knew the power and influence that HBCUs have always had on American Culture and I am working toward creating a brand that is deeper than fashion, more meaningful than clothes; I am here to create a movement.
And thus, a new dream was formed, built, and launched - LEGACY HISTORY PRIDE.

i would like to share with you Legacy History Pride – HBCU Apparel beautiful example. Crews and hoodies, dresses and t-shirts, jackets and sweaters, shorts and sweatpants, socks and more….and face masks – now it’s 2021.

HBCU Apparel