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An online store that I definitely don’t shop at enough, but always seem to find great stuff at, is Mango. I feel like I had a really good order from them a few years ago. Since then I have been hooked. And when he shared the latest on his IG story a few weeks ago, he was very surprised at how many readers say they’ve never shopped there!This is Mango’s new favorite to check out the closet. A reminder for

mango sizing review

Compare Mangoes Abercrombie or Zara sizing. I usually wear M, but depending on the fit and style, S may be fine. I think jackets and coats are always small. However, for things like skirts, dresses, and sometimes blouses, the medium is a little more comfortable. As for my sizing, the chest and ribcage are usually where I need to size up. I found that I needed a medium for whatever fit very well around the..or a button up. However, if it’s a flowing dress or something, something small usually works.

I found the denim to be a bit small, so a larger size would be more comfortable. Hopefully I’ll try some on my next order and see how it goes and report back!

You can also refer to the mango size chart here I can’t find it on the website for some reason.

mango plus size

We also have mango plus size very impressive! Plus sizes up to 4XL. For denim and bottoms, size up to 22. The mango plus size also has a large section. We love that this popular brand offers comprehensive sizing for everyone.

mango autumn winter coat 2021

Why I Love Shopping at Mango

Trendy piece, but not crazy

I love shopping at Mango for several reasons. The first is that it’s a somewhat trendy piece, but not flashy. It’s not crazy, but they’re trendy enough to feel fresh and new. I feel like there is a high possibility. I think it’s because this is also a European brand and it’s always ahead of the trends. But I feel like the pieces I appreciate as a more minimalist casual dresser are out there, not crazy.

lots of basics

Their pieces may be trendy, but they also have a lot of great basics. You can shop for special occasions, lounges and even 9-5 looks. You can buy basic t-shirts and sweaters, and find some cool stuff. Shop your entire business wardrobe, from suits to blazers and blouses to fancy work bags and coats.

Free Shipping & Free Returns Over $50

And the main reason I love shopping here is that they offer free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns on all orders. I think I’ve only seen it in New York and Europe), free returns are key. It also means you tend to buy one size up.

great price and pretty good quality

And the final reason I love shopping here is the price. , a lot of the pieces are under $100 which is a good price point in my opinion. I also know they have some really good sales. It’s common to see 30% off sales that add up to the price. And things go fast, so if you’re unsure, we encourage you to sign up for our email and purchase multiple sizes.

Mango also offers clothing for men, teens and children. The whole family can shop!

My Fall Picks from Mango

Tips for shopping in Mango

Mangoes inevitably sell out during good times. This is another reason why he always buys in two sizes when he’s not sure. It helps to make sure you get the pieces you want. This is especially true when selling. Items sell out quickly, so buy both sizes and return only the ones you don’t need. If something sells out, you can sign up for email notifications when stock is back in stock.

there is also mango outlet! I didn’t know that until recently, but this is pretty good. Prices are very good.

shop the look of the day

Autumn/winter coat coordination

Some Favorite Looks Featuring Mango

Obviously, I like mango dresses. What’s interesting about the photos below is how old all these pieces are, except for Dr. Martens’ dark floral dress. An orange maxi is my go-to piece whenever I need to look pretty in spring or summer. It’s my favorite dress to take on warm season vacations.

And this white midi dress I bought by chance, I wasn’t sure until it arrived. I wore it in the summer, but I’m here for a late fall trip to Charleston. And again in sneakers. It’s really very versatile. Sadly these are all super old. But I have to show that Mango really is a brand that will last for years in my closet.

I think this striped front button dress is the reason why I fell in love with it. See my hair length in this post. And this fun leopard-orange shirthis dress, which was another odd purchase, turned out to be a favorite.In this post, we’re going to style it two ways.

Basically I have some cotton tanks from the basic collection and they are great. I also recently acquired this cute floral mini dress, and it’s perfect for autumn and winter styling.

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