Biggest purchase ever!!!! I am so excited to finally share that me and my fiancée Paris bought a house and that our lives are about to change!
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First of all, we maintain our position in New York City. I love renting in NYC (both for work and play) and have no intention of leaving at this point…but we split our time between the city and our first home!

Earlier this year (January 2021) we shared that we were planning to buy one this year hopefully…..but to say that we would be entering one of the craziest housing markets ever I had no idea. for. Almost a year later, we are happy to share that we are officially homeowners.

We’ve wanted to buy a house for several years (even before I share), but that comes with a question: where do we want to live forever? Something that all young New Yorkers end up facing. We were poignantly aware of the costs involved in buying a home in New York. We also understood that our needs may change as we get older, have families, change jobs… due to the global pandemic. We lived on top of each other and were locked in apartments. But I still wasn’t sure where I wanted to move, or if I was ready to trade my city life for the suburbs.

Our original pre-pandemic five-year plan was…
1 – Marry (more soon)
2 – Buy a vacation home and continue renting in New York
3 – Start a family and live here in New York (have a vacation home elsewhere)
4 – Move to our eternal home (wherever you are)

But with travel interrupted during the pandemic, our plans, like many babes, have completely changed! ), so we were close to family and friends and started looking for fun vacation/rental markets that could offer something the city didn’t.

Palm Springs has always been my first choice. Attractive, colorful, warm, close to Los Angeles (perfect for work), and close to West Coast based family!Honestly, some things I didn’t see in his 2019 and his 2020 I was obsessed with buying a house for Watching Zillow became my hobby, and I exclaimed, “Paris, let’s make an offer!” Every other day! In hindsight, Paris has never been to Palm Springs, pictures are deceiving and understanding the neighborhood/location is so important that buying sights of houses out of sight is risky Waiting was a great choice because there are cases.

Earlier this year we spent a few months in Palm Springs. It was so nice to enjoy a full house and stretch out a bit after being cramped in a New York loft! My best friend came to join us and the three of us were able to celebrate my birthday with a Barbie themed pool party! Started looking at homes – wasn’t sure if I would find what I wanted, just hoping to get an idea!

We went back and forth on style, location, and general home desires. Were we buying something to live in for the next few years? Were we buying a vacation home for us? Rental income property? All the common questions that entertained us while trying to figure it all out. I was plagued with migraines while my days were spent searching for homes and while Paris held the fort like a pro. I really thought I would never find anything, but when I did in the last week, I decided to start over. Our future home now.

And now for the fun part… let’s make it our own! I can’t wait to take you through the process of modding, designing, and being coastal! Future posts will go into more detail about the house we purchased, how we split our time between the coasts, and everything else, so feel free to ask us in this instagram post.

question? Ask me anything in the comments on this post! I can’t wait to share this next chapter with you!

MAJOR LIFE UPDATE IN THE POST!!!!!!!!! First appeared in Color Me Courtney.