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(NEST Helsinki)

Continuing our previous post about the Nest Factory and the newly opened NEST Helsinki shop, we’re introducing you to LuluRox jewellery. As already mentioned, NEST Helsinki is the shop of three different designers, one of which is featured in this article.

Abbie moved to Helsinki from London seven years ago and put all of her previous experience working in the fashion industry and living in one of the fashion capitals of the world into creating her own brand. . lulu rocks.

She became a self-taught jewelery designer and what started as a hobby turned into her passion and profession.

She started slowly at her home, where she had a studio for making jewelry, which she also used as a shop, but soon realized that jewelry needed its own place. We found ourselves and opened a small shop in the city center of Helsinki. It helped her gain more attention and generate regular customers, but she longed for a shop with a higher profile, perhaps shared with someone else, but it all fit together and It had to be the right time for change.

It was the perfect moment when Tracey offered her to open a store with her, and Abbie was eager to show her collection and latest designs to a whole new group of customers. Responses have been great so far and Abbie is excited to see how everything goes. She definitely has her brand’s attention. If she can’t stop by NEST Helsinki to meet in person, you can always look her up and shop for new ones. Web shop renewed.

What makes LuluRox jewelry so long-lasting and wearable? Abby uses only the best materials, such as gold fill, which is better than plating because it will last for decades. She is sterling With silver and 14 karat gold fill, natural pearl and gemstone charms.

lulu rocks Demi fine jewelry designed for everyday use. You can easily combine bracelets by stacking them together, or by combining necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of the same material and line. Customizable and personal jewelry. Abby’s home in Helsinki Everything is handmade in her studio, but materials come from the UK and are only sourced from small businesses like hers. Abbie welcomes you anytime at her NEST Helsinki to learn more about her jewelry. If you have any requests, please design your own jewelry according to your wishes!

I like jewelry that is elegant and timeless, not too formal and perfect for any occasion. LuluRoxx is just that!

*This post was created in collaboration with NEST Helsinki and LuluRoxx jewelery, but all opinions are my own.

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