Louis Vuitton inspired bag

Louis Vuitton inspired bag

8 Louis Vuitton Inspired Bags You Must See!

Looking for Louis Vuitton-inspired bags for 2022? Ever wondered where you can get the best designer bag alternatives on your budget? You’ve come to the right place! Here are eight of his favorite LV-inspired handbags and fun accessories. With these, you can become a designer bag boss on a budget!

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Find the best Louis Vuitton-inspired bags

Louis Vuitton A high-end iconic brand that many women know and love. As her one of the world’s leading fashion houses, the brand creates luxurious and luxurious handbags and accessories. With this reputation, people are always looking for similar styles at lower prices.

In my experience as a fashion blogger, I’ve seen some bags that give off an LV vibe but are much cheaper. Today, we’re compiling all of her LV-inspired bags we found in one post for her to browse and shop.

What makes these bags a great alternative to LV?

If you’re on a tight budget but want a less designer look, the LV-inspired bags are worth checking out. Having said that, There are a few things to look for to find the best Louis Vuitton-inspired bags.

  • Print – LV is known for its iconic LV patterned bags. I know the print! I found a very similar print, without the LV logo of course! If a cheap bag has a designer’s logo or branding on it, this may be illegal, so be careful. The bag I found has a similar (but not exact) print that LV is known for.
  • Colors – Louis Vuitton is best known for its deep chocolate brown and tan colors.White and gray plaid is also a popular bag. Most of the bags in this post have similar colors.
  • SIZE – These LV inspired bags are similar in size and shape compared to the real thing. Think totes, cross bodies, fanny packs, and more! In this post, we’ve rounded up the most popular bag styles.

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Louis Vuitton inspired bag

8 Louis Vuitton Inspired Bags

Below are some of the best Louis Vuitton-inspired bags and fun accessories. Whether you’re looking for a tote bag inspired by, or something else, scroll through this list.

Brown & Tan Monogram Tote Bag

If you love monogrammed Louis Vuitton tote bags, you can’t miss this Amazon-inspired option. It retails for around $30 at the time of this article and has multiple internal compartments and an external zipper pocket.

Louis Vuitton inspired bag


white check tote

A real checkered tote bag can cost thousands of dollars.However This alternative checkered bag Get Walmart for under $30! For a little more money, you can also get Walmart’s chocolate brown bag.Brown color with bright red lining!


Fanny pack with inspired pattern

I’ve been obsessed with fanny packs lately. This is no exception. It looks so much like a real LV bag that I double-taken when I first saw it. But everything else about this bag shouts Louie. Great looks at an affordable price!

Louis Vuitton Inspired Duffle Bag

This bag has it all. Top handles, detachable shoulder strap, metal feet and faux leather. All for under $50 from Amazon! This makes for a super plush gym bag or a great weekend away for a short trip!

Crossbody inspired by LV

Next on the list is this cute LV inspired evening bag. This plaid print makes a great substitute for the real deal. A chain strap elevates this style, perfect for nights on the town.


Satchel inspired by Louis Vuitton

This is the definition of a gorgeous bag! Wrap this satchel around your wrist and you’ll feel like a million dollars. The monochrome color scheme oversized print is a feature not found in other bags! This bag he’s under $50 and also comes in the famous brown and tan color combo.

Louis Vuitton inspired flap top bag

Another cute crossbody option (and my personal favorite) is this bag from Walmart! This affordable Louis Vuitton inspired bag is a great designer inspired option. Gorgeous hardware and prints!

LV inspired bag

Cosmetic pouch inspired by LV

I’ve shared this bag before and can’t wait to get my hands on it! It has great reviews and I’ve seen fashion influencers share this bag over the years. As soon as I need to replace my current pouch, this will be my go-to! This is another Walmart item currently under $30.

LV inspired accessories

There it is! 8 bags inspired by Louis Vuitton! For even more designer choices, shop the accessories below. I came across a site that reuses his old LV fabrics to create fun accessories. This is a super cute way to go for a less designer look!


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