Light jacket recommended for autumn

Light jacket recommended for autumn

Light jacket recommended for autumn

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Happy Friday, ladies! It’s been a week now and he’s still combing through his closet and evaluating all his fall essentials. I like to do a “wardrobe audit” of sorts when the seasons change. This will help you decide which trending items you want to keep, basic items that need to be replaced, and essential items that need maintenance (such as treating leather boots).

I’ve been diving deep into the jacket section this week (because it’s been a little cooler in the morning and I’m excited!) and decided it needed some updates! researching I’ve compiled a list of my favorite light jackets for fall. I am very much looking forward to sharing it with all of you. I included some great bombers and some trench coats and of course I had to include fall flannel. You’re going to have a hard time (but who’s tracking you?) Which will you choose?

  1. fringed wool blend jacket
  2. gladys jacket
  3. Foxy Liner Jacket (Black)
  4. foxy liner jacket (chocolate)
  5. rider leather jacket
  6. Dolman sleeve jacket (DUSTED OLIVE)
  7. Jacquard Woven Jacket (Brown/Plaid))
  8. california knit bomber jacket
  9. BARDOT oversized trench coat
  10. jasmine faux leather coat

Need a great jacket for your fall wardrobe too? Take a look at my favorite light jackets for fall and let me know what you think! I think. September is rushing by, and looking at the calendar ahead of me scares me! I love how things go, but they need balance and the balance is a little off for the next month. I was wrong! Do you feel like you’re spiraling out of control at times? I think it’s better than nothing!

Have a great weekend!

Stay healthy and safe! xx

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