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Light charge healing jewelry and charms

healing charm

In this post, we will discuss the history of healing jewelry, charms and symbols. I’ve featured pictures of women’s jewelry, but this post is also for men. Healing Read this article if you want to know more about the history of her jewelry and how to “light charge” it.

I wear very little jewelry, but now I wear a particular necklace. Hannah’s Herb ShopThey state that it repels negative energies and attracts angelic divine energies. I can do it.

my minimalist wardrobe

I want to wear more jewelry, but I’m picky about jewelry. I remember wearing her great-grandmother’s amethyst ring (unfortunately lost). She’s very feminine and I love it.

I remember wearing healing copper bracelets and crystal gemstones. I hope to wear the copper bracelet again someday. Copper bracelets are suitable for people who are empathetic and tend to absorb the energy around them.

I’m very minimal when it comes to wearing jewelry, and I’ve always been. I’m a little quirky with my wardrobe.

Now I wear the same shoes every day, and I’ve been wearing the same shoes for almost my entire life. I only have a handful of shoes that I wear. It’s really reassuring to wear the same shoes.

I have the same necklace (although I don’t wear it every day). I’m wearing the same style of black leggings (I have over 20 pairs of hers (but now I’m wearing black shorts in the heat of San Diego, CA)). I wear a variety of shirts and tops.

I wear minimalist fashion. Minimalism is not only my style but also my lifestyle. However, you can have dozens or even a few pieces of jewelry. One day I might have dozens of pieces of jewelry, but not right now.

When I talk about light charging jewelry, I want to let you know that I am not promoting “light spell” jewelry as a form of Satanism. This post has nothing to do with gems regarding curses. Quite the opposite. Wear jewelry for protection. A jewel that wards off evil and wards off curses.

Photo credit: Muhammed Zeki Aygur/Pexels

therapy, healing jewelry

Support your body and mind with therapeutic, healing and healthy jewelry. Jewelry can be used as medicine. You can “recharge” your jewelry. You don’t have to wear all real jewelry for healing.

Gemstone amulets ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. We refer to jewelry as “amulet”, but we will also talk specifically about amulets, which are also called amulets and amulets. A “charm” is a small adornment.

History of healing jewelry

In ancient history, amulets were worn to ward off evil spirits and protect against dangers and disasters.In some dimensions or other places in the universe, danger does not occur. Often danger is caused by evil. This planet is called Dark Star and evil is happening here. There is a planet of light stars in the universe without evil.

200-600 AD Byzantine Healing Jewelry

Gold amulets were found in medieval Byzantium. They wore it for status, but they also wore it for protection from evil.

One of the amulets they found contained a secret prayer. They wore amulets around their necks, just above their hearts. Byzantines wore prayers inside amulets for protection.

These jewelry are neither evil nor demonic. The Church would have regarded this as “magic”, but remember that many magical things in life were stolen, used and manipulated by Satanic people during this time and now, making magic unacceptable. must be Just because something is labeled “magic” doesn’t mean it’s bad.

protection jewelry

Protective jewelry prevents negative energy and low vibrations. Additionally, it is the frequency of the material that helps protect the wearer.

charms and symbols

evil eye

Those who wear the evil eye help protect themselves from bad things, bad karma, and malicious glare.

eye of horus

It protects people and is a symbol of health.

Good luck charm symbols:

  • elephant

  • Horseshoes

  • four Leaf Clover

  • Key

  • shooting star

  • Hearts

  • Flowers

  • dice

  • Moon

  • zodiac symbols

Photo credit: Frazil Nasirli/Pexels

healing jewelry

Crystals and power stones heal the mind and body

Crystal healing originated in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The Roman writer Pliny the Elder and the Greek physician Galen previously said that certain crystals had medicinal properties.

Different civilizations inscribed designs with specific meanings and magical powers into their jewelry.

Many say that crystals are pagan or magical. Crystals have been used before in civilizations on this planet, in this universe, and beyond what we know. I was. They associated crystals with light, gods and deities.

crystals and gems

Here are some of the most popular and powerful healing gemstones and some of my favorite crystals.

  • clear quartz

  • Aquamarine

  • rose quartz

  • Jade

  • emerald

  • opal

  • pearl

  • turquoise

  • Ruby

  • amethyst

  • diamond

Healing with precious metals

Different precious metals emit different healing energies and have their own energy fields.

Metals with spiritual and healing properties for body jewelry:

  • Money- anti aging Properties and memory functions

  • Silver– balance and protection

  • platinum– Reduces inflammation and antioxidant activity

  • Titanium– Helps the flow of energy in the body

  • copper– Blocks Negative Energy, Relieves Inflammation and Pain

  • surgical stainless steel– protects you from negativity

Charm type:

When Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, died, she wore a charm locket in his hair and a small portrait of him.

  • In the 1950s and 1960s, American teenagers wore charm bracelets to record events in their lives.

  • A bracelet filled with small treasures

  • hecate pendant

  • holy cross

Photo by Jess Baile/Pexels

Charge your light jewelry

Cast a spell of light on your jewelry:

Protect yourself from negative energies by putting a “light” spell on your jewelry.

Many people think gemstones are enchanted, but I’m not talking about evil magic in this post. There is such a thing as a divine, spiritual “light” spell.

One way to charge your jewelery is with the earth element, fire. I lit a tealight on my desk and hung a necklace in a fake flower pot vase on my desk. So the necklace was close to fire. I took them off after 30 minutes and noticed a difference in how they felt when I put them on. It’s not a story that it was a little warm in the flames, it’s cool now. Feel energetically charged by the flames.

Light charging your jewelry is a positive ritual.

How to charge your jewelry:

  • energy of the moon

  • Incense

  • aroma diffuser

  • sound

  • Light a candle and place it near the flame

  • Since jewelry is a symbol that helps you, you can perform rituals and ceremonies.

  • Place your jewelry on the ground, rocks, trees, etc.

  • Charge your Reiki energy (put your hand over the jewelry).

  • Charge with Violet Flame energy (Put your palms together to visualize jewelry covered in Violet Flame).

  • Sea salt (Place jewelry in a plastic bag and then place in a sea salt bowl or directly in a sea salt container).

final note

Jewelry helps the flow of energy in the body. For example, rings press pressure points. When pressure points are pressed, energy flows through the body. Jewelry is made from natural elements, so when we wear nature, we are creating an earth element/nature/human connection.

Jewelry helps the energy body and energy body. They are energy healing and energy clearing. No need to clear jewelry all the time. It clears naturally, but you need to clear and recharge your jewelry when you are reminded.

Jewelry can be used as a guide and compass. Jewelry is a tool of beauty. It enhances our appearance and makes us glow. Wear jewelry that expresses your inner self and creativity. Wearing jewelry is an active ritual and can be one or many.

Healing jewelry is mystical, enchanting, and supernatural jewelry. Healing jewelry is part of the healing arts. Wearing not only precious metals but also crystals and stones will heal you. Cleansing to wear. They support your emotional and spiritual awareness. Wearing jewelry is beauty care. It makes me feel beautiful.






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