life goes by

The other day, before the school doors opened at 9 a.m., I was watching Hudson play in the school playground and I was like, ‘Mommy! Mommy! Come see me! When I was standing there watching him climb, I realized I would be lucky to be called in for another year or two to watch on a friend’s playground, he’ll be a freshman next year, and I’m on my fingertips. I can feel him slowly slipping away from me. But I notice he says he wants to relax first…and share.He is strong.Independent,confident,has everything I wanted in my son,his accomplishments. On one hand, I feel joy in watching him grow up, but on the other hand, I feel a vulgar sadness at knowing how quickly time has passed since his childhood. You will come to think that I am annoying and uncool.

I read a quote once about how You can’t change your life unless you change what you do every day. The secret of success is in everyday life.And lately, as I’ve seen time drift away from me, I’ve kept coming back to that quote. It cannot be undone.

During my first few years as a mom, I was thinking about how to grow my business, how to hustle harder, how to stay busy, stay connected, and partner with the most amazing brands. However, in this past year of hers, I have felt a great change and a great pull.

At the beginning of the school year, I put Hudson on the bus every morning so he could get an extra half hour of running after he left school. I cut off and drove him to school. I went for a run 30 minutes later and started working that day (which I know is a huge privilege). morning. Since that day, I do so every morning. He is still excited that I am with him because it feels so good to savor this time. I am making more efforts to

Outside of my kids, I try to approach my life the same way. It may seem silly, but I’ve been forcing myself to be more consistent about taking vitamins every morning, and I’ve baked it into my routine. I’m trying to think how much better my day would feel if I started my day with a jump. In some respects, email becomes less manageable and less connected to work. But in another respect, that’s fine. Every day, week, month, year is just a series of seconds and minutes made up of thousands of tiny decisions we make as we navigate. As we get older, we emphasize making the wrong decisions versus making the right ones. There is within us the power to make decisions that deeply connect us to ourselves and others. What can you do with such powerful information.